Advantages of a Portfolio

As the internet continues to develop, having a digital portfolio becomes even more important.  A digital portfolio has numerous advantages, but three stand out:
  • Online presence   The days of the paper resume are fading fast.  Today when employers consider an potential job candidate, a google search is one of the first screening tools they employ.  When you have a digital portfolio, you have a powerful tool to shape your online presence.  
  • Know what you know   A digital portfolio requires you to write narratives that give details about the skills and experiences that appear on your CV or resume.  Writing these narratives gives you a chance to articulate your professional story--the core of your qualifications, the nuances of your professional identity.  There's no better preparation for interview questions than creating a portfolio.
  • A deeper look  Today all professionals should have a social media presence.  LinkedIn, and Twitter/Facebook.  But a digital portfolio goes beyond social media.  A digital portfolio lets your LinkedIn profile (and any other social media presence you have) lead colleagues and potential employers to a place where they can explore your career more deeply than any social media profile allows.  A job history on LinkedIn--with a link to your digital portfolio added--becomes an indepth story about your ability to work in team, lead a project, or innovate in your field.