Digital Portfolio
My first job after receiving my Masters in Library Science was to create the Children's program at the Huntington Branch Library. I am now the Library Media Specialist at Henry Abbott Technical High School in Danbury, CT.

In the spring of 2013, before embarking on my IT&DML* sixth-year courses, I was comfortable with computers, but unsure how to integrate them into the school environment. Working with new technology and reflecting on my practice has helped me to gain confidence in my skills and abilities. We had a success Chromebook roll out the fall of 2015 and I was able to help staff and students with technology integration. 
In July 2016, I attended the Teacher Institute at the Library of Congress in Washington DC where I learned best practices and ideas for using primary sources in the classroom.
I am currently reading "Professional Learning Communites at Work" by Richard DuFour and Robert Eaker. There seems to be a n exciting movement afoot at work, and I would like to understand it more clearly.

Sally H. Markiewicz