Greetings! Welcome to my Portfolio, created in Spring 16 as part of my comprehensive 2016 evaluation. On this page I have included my goals, links to previous portfolios and a link to my Mandatory Self-Assessment. Four sections follow this page: In the ESL 400 Classroom, In the ESL 911 Classroom, Beyond the Classroom, and a link to the website where I house work for my classes. You can view these pages by clicking on the links above. 

The first two pages, In the ESL 400 Classroom and In the ESL 911 Classroom, provide samples of materials that I have developed for the two sections of ESL 400 and ESL 911, which I have taught for the past three semesters. I am especially proud of these pages. Each semester, in alignment with the specific Course Outline of Record,  I develop, assess, review and revise materials for continuous improvement as an ESL faculty member. Additionally, I try out new methods to utilize these materials effectively and to engage and empower students. As the needs of the students in 400 and 911 are quite different, I strive to keep my skills in all subject areas and at all levels up-to-date and relevant.

In Beyond the Classroom, I provide examples of my contributions to the Division, Department and the College. As noted in my self-assessment, I have served on multiple committees during my tenure at the College. In recent time, I regularly attend and participate in Division and Department meetings, have served on hiring committees and tenure committees; I also serve on the International Student Advisory Committee and the ACES(Academic Committee for Equity and Success) Committee.   

Lastly, I have also provided a link to my website,, is a repository of work for my classes. One reason that I utilize a google site rather than WebAccess is that in the Academic Scholarship and Success Learning Community with LIBR 100, ESL 400 requires the students to create a google site for their ePortfolio, which the Department then uses to assess our Program Level Outcomes.  My site helps familiarize students with the site and provides a model of ways that they can include layers of information and research. 

As we progress in this evaluation process, please share your feedback and suggestions on how I can continue improving my teaching and related work at Cañada College.

2016 Goals: 

  • Strengthen the ESL 400 Composition for Non-Native Speakers/LIBR 100 collaboration
  • Incorporate additional research activities into ESL 400
  • Utilize new literacy methods in ESL 911 Reading-Listening/Speaking I
  • Participate in the ACES (Academic Committee for Equity and Success) project reviewing how to provide essential academic and student services offsite 
  • Document work developed since my tenure review

Previous portfolios: