Portfolio 2016-2017

Detangle Me:
 Inspired by the frustration I felt when attempting to detangle my necklace, this piece portrays the fact that overthinking causes problems to only worsen. At times, it is necessary to take a step back when confronted with the layers of complications in life.

Confident?: An encouragement to myself to have self-assurance regardless of external characteristics.

Wrinkled Time: Age is irreversible. One may attempt to mask or slow true age, but age ultimately cannot be concealed.

Feeling Blue: Childhood memories and family ultimately remain in midst of the ups and downs of my life.

"You're Fire, I'm Ice:" A literal interpretation of a childhood game my sister and I used to play, calling ourselves either fire or ice. Despite our strikingly different characteristics, my sister and I both share the passion for pursuing design.

Save Me: 
Both developed and developing countries face crucial issues of its own. The apparent contrast between obesity and malnutrition calls for the increasing need to help all nations.

As a Korean-American in a time of discord between different countries, this piece serves as a reminder to embrace true roots as well as other cultures to ultimately look past the idea of boundaries.

Pay Attention: 
Walking creates an opportunity to be inspired by the unique world around us. What may be a mundane environment can be a new, exciting view if one simply paid attention.

Wired Up: As the reliance on technology is increasing evermore, the numbing of society is gradually occurring as our minds are unconsciously controlled by media on a daily basis.