This site is about presenting my case for promotion to full professor in the Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University. But also, I hope, it serves as examples and sharing of my thoughts on the job.  As for many academics, this aspect of the job - self-promotion - is hard for me. I'm open to feedback as to how to do it better. (Email or Twitter)

To some extent, this portfolio is organized around our university's requirements for this rank. I decided to have an online portfolio as it's more efficient for sharing some of the work which is online already, the suitability of hyperlinking for providing examples, and ease of access for colleagues at GVSU.  As I have also become quite a fan of the public sharing aspect of online work, it seemed appropriate.

The short URL for this site is http://bit.ly/goldenportfolio
(If you're reading this on paper, please turn on your internet access device, now.)