Why You Should Join Our Club

We are a group of almost elderly people fron the Portalington area who enjoy bike riding.As can be seen from these photos we don't always know were we are going but we go none the less, and always manage to get home, The aim of the club is to get people on push bikes and riding is doesn't matter if you don't own a bike or have never ridden before we can accommodate all standards of riders

Another aim of the group is to get people out of their houses and comfortable environments and mix with people that have many other interests other than their own. There seems to be numerous coffee stops and lunch when a cold drink is enjoyed.

All this has come about by one man Graham Gibson who arrived in Portarlington and noticed that there was not many bike riders to be seen. There are now over 40 riders in the group which rides Friday morning, Tuesday afternoon and any time when a group decide to go for a ride.
Graham or Gibbo as he is commonly known is now the repository of old bikes that he restores and donates to the underprivileged so he can get more people riding. He has given restored bikes to schools so they can start a bike-ed program, refugees, and has sent over 600 bikes to East Timor.