Whats in the name?

A portal storm is a mechanic in Asheron’s Call that triggers when too many players get together in close proximity. The portal storm would randomly teleport players away from each other in an attempt to reduce lag (this was a game made in the 90s). This usually happened in towns or on large quests/events. Having a portal storm occur bolstered the morale of everyone because it was a visual sign that something big and exciting was happening.

Who are we?

A lot of us are career Asheron’s Call players, a lot of us are not. However we are like minded gamers who play whatever is new and exciting. Most of those who hang out are ages 21+. Conversation topics on Teamspeak vary but we like to keep it light hearted. Some of us have been around for years, some are brand new. Everyone is respected and welcomed.

What we do?

Play online multiplayer games! We’ll usually make a guild or clan or whatever is appropriate in whichever game we are currently playing.

Look for Portal, PortalStorm or some variant of it.
If you’re looking for a hardcore raiding guild, you probably need to look elsewhere. While some members may get serious at times it is definitely not something we push as a community.  There’s no pressure to get on Teamspeak, there’s no pressure to log in game. We’re here to have a good time, whether that’s kicking it in a newbie zone or grouping for a raid. 

How do I join?

There is no formal application process and there are no restrictions to join. We all have real-life lives and jobs so a heavy leadership structure just doesn’t fit with our goal to have fun.
To join is to simply log into the Portalstorm Teamspeak and come hang out, how easy is that? Hope to see you soon!