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These are the best Google gadgets I've found so far. Because of the space and page load speed, I can't post them all here; however you can click the links below to see them in the Google gadgets directory. If you like any of the google gadgets listed, please also consider rating them.

  • Google gadgets from Portal Romanesc - click to access the gadget (some of them have been stolen and republished under the same name, but you will recognize them bt their low ratings; most of the Portal Romanesc gadgets are hosted by
  • Google gadgets from Dating Cafe (various) and again Dating Cafe (online flash games) - click to access the gadget
  • Google gadgets from Bartender ( a lot of sexy gadgets here, but all family safe) - click to access the gadget
  • Gadgets by (various, mostly usefull tools)

    If you're looking for some free website content to fill up free space in your webpages, then you're in the right place. You may include any or all of the following Google gadgets into your web sites pages. The small pictures are intended to show you exactly how the gadgets will appear on your site. You can change the size of the gadget, like width and height, and also the colour, border (etc.) from their Google pages - click the links and you'll be taken to the customization page where you'll also get the code to insert.

   The content is computer safe. We don't spread any trojans, viruses, keyloggers etc. through our gadgets.

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  • Video Chat Room - shows a text chat room and a form to access the video chat room: just choose a screen name and click the button

  • Hot Models - will show a beautiful model or actress with every page refresh/load. All pictures are at most sexy, there's no porn.

  • BMI for adults - will calculate your BMI according to your height  and weight

  • Adult Flash Games - a nice collection of adult games that will display a scrolling div with links to the adult games. The games open in popups. Copy the code below into your pages and click here to see how this will look on your site.

<iframe name="AdultGames" src="" width="204" height="206" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1" title="Adult Games" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0">

  • Car Wash Girls - three beautiful young girls are waiting your command to wash your car and maybe even more :)

  • Friends Inviter: send a multi message to all of your contacts from your email or your social network account

  • Clock Flash - a simple and elegant clock built in flash