Google and I

The unofficial slogan of Google, founded in 1998, is
«Don't be evil».

In October 2015, a motto was stated in the Alphabet corporate code of conduct by the phrase
«Do the right thing».

I am very grateful for the services of Google on internet. I started using Blogger in 2004 and the chance to create something unique on internet given by this superb service has really had a great impact upon me. By the initial service of Blogger I was encouraged to learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language), and I did, so I am able to make my presentations very personal. The service was free of charge so that I could play. And I understood I could create something which would stand forever. Google Sites I discovered in 2010, I believe. By using Blogger and Google Sites I feel I am encouraged to be responsible. I am impressed by the love shown and I am very grateful.