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All qualitative ordering and all content in the name of Anders Woje Ellingsen, or Vaccinius, on this portal called Trixnix, and on the sites linked to from the portal, and on the sites further linked to, belonging to Trixnix, are copyright Anders Woje Ellingsen, Trondheim, Norway, by the registered trademark Vaksinius. Ai have not presented anything on my sites which is not my own creation. The site called Prixnix is, of course, a creation in Trixnix. By "content" is referred to music, wisdom, poetry and drawings.

This creation was established in September 2015, based on what aI, Anders, previously had made on internet. The creation, called Trixnix, has been worked upon since then.

The company Vaksinius, outside Norway presented as Vaccinius, will presumably not be registered, unless for tax reasons.

The company Vaksinius is a formal establishment of the conscience of the world, given by the Lord, that is Jesus Christ. The mission of the company, which is more like a company of love, is to serve the Lord.