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Last Updated: Tuesday, May 8, 2018, at 12:48 p.m.  

PTC Metro

TeamMetro Overall Streak Postseason Update 
Woodridge  13-1 20-5 W15 vs. No. 3 Aurora (district semi)
Field 10-3  15-6W1eliminated (sectional final)
Norton    9-415-6W5vs. No. 2 Louisville (district semi)
Ravenna    7-5 9-10 W1 eliminated (sectional final)
Cloverleaf  5-8 6-12 L4 eliminated (first round) 
Coventry  5-85-12L1 eliminated (first round)
Springfield   2-11 6-16 L2eliminated (first round)
Streetsboro  1-11 3-13 L1 eliminated (first round)

PTC County

Team County Overall StreakPostseason Update 
Rootstown   7-1 15-3 L1eliminated (sectional finals)
Garfield     4-3 10-6 L3 eliminated (first round)
Mogadore   3-3 7-7 W3 vs. Columbiana (district semis)
LCC    4-5  8-13 L1  eliminated (sectional finals)
Southeast  3-4   4-12 L1eliminated (sectional finals)
Crestwood  1-611-7 L2 vs. Brookfield (2nd)

Outside the PTC

Team Division Overall StreakPostseason Update 
Roosevelt4-6 10-11 L2eliminated (sectional finals)
Aurora 5-6 8-11 L1 vs. Woodridge (district semis)
Windham7-48-7 L1 eliminated (sectional finals)
Waterloo 1-12 1-15 L1 eliminated (first round)

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PTC Metro

 TeamMetro Overall Streak Playoff Update 
Field 14-0  21-0W21 Lost in district semi 
Woodridge 11-315-11 W5 Lost in district semi 
Norton   9-511-7 W2 Lost in sectional final 
Ravenna   8-5 12-8 L2 In district semi  
Streetsboro  5-7 11-11 W1 Lost in sectional final 
Coventry  3-10 5-13 L3 Lost in sectional final 
Springfield   3-10 6-16 L1 In district semi 
Cloverleaf 1-111-13L8 Lost in sectional semi 

PTC County

Team County Overall OverallPlayoff Update 
Rootstown  8-3 17-6 L1 Lost in sectional final 
LCC  7-3 12-6 L1In sectional semi  
Southeast  7-3 10-6 W1 In sectional final
Mogadore 7-4  13-6 L1 Lost in sectional semi 
Crestwood  5-7  10-9 L1 Lost in sectional final 
Garfield 4-7 12-11 L1 Lost in sectional final 
Waterloo 0-11 1-19 L8 Lost in sectional semi