Portable Camping Air Conditioner

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portable camping air conditioner
portable camping air conditioner - Cobra CJIC
Cobra CJIC 350 500 Amp Portable Jump-Start/Air Compressor with A/C and D/C Power Outlets
Cobra CJIC 350 500 Amp Portable Jump-Start/Air Compressor with A/C and D/C Power Outlets
The Cobra CJIC 350 Jumpstarter/PowerPack is a portable all-in-one solution for dead batteries, power outages, and charging on the go. Compact and easy to use, this power station ensures you always have the charge you need to keep your car and electrical devices up and running. More than just a jump starter for dead car batteries, the CJIC 350 features an AC outlet to power household appliances, a DC power outlet to charge mobile accessories, a USB port for charging cell phones and electronic devices, and an air compressor for inflating tires, air mattresses, and sporting equipment. Ideal for emergencies, outdoor trips, and blackouts, the Cobra CJIC 350 delivers versatile, portable power.
At a Glance
CJIC 350 Jumpstarter/PowerPack
At a Glance:
Compact, portable design is ideal for powering and charging on the go

Heavy-duty cables supplying 900 peak amps will jump-start most cars

AC, DC, and USB outlets power virtually any appliance or mobile device

260-psi air compressor inflates flat tires with ease

Backed by a limited one-year warranty

At a Glance

cobra CJIC350 product shot
A compact all-in-one solution for dead batteries, inflation, and power on the go. View larger.
cobra CJIC350 lifestyle shot
Charge electrical devices and fill flat tires with ease.
An Essential Tool for Your Car
With its compact design, the CJIC 350 Jumpstarter/PowerPack fits easily in your car's trunk and ensures that you'll never be stranded with a dead battery. Operating at 900 peak amps of power and using heavy-duty cables, the CJIC 350 will instantly jump-start most vehicle batteries, including V8 engines.
In the event of a flat tire, a 260-psi air compressor provides easy, quick inflation. The air compressor is also handy for inflating air mattresses, sports equipment, and inner tubes--making it ideal for camping trips and other outdoor adventures. If you're stuck in the dark, a bright LED light located on the front of the CJIC 350 will illuminate your work area or act as an emergency light.
Portable Power for Appliances and Mobile Devices
The CJIC 350 features multiple charging outputs for appliances and devices of all sizes. A multipurpose 400-watt AC outlet gives you the ability to power anything from a refrigerator during a blackout to a boom box at a cookout in the park. In addition, any portable electronic device with a car adapter can be charged using the 12-volt DC socket.
Cell phones, iPods, and PDAs are supported as well, thanks to a useful 5-volt USB output. Whether used as a power source on camping trips or stored away for emergencies, the CJIC 350 is an invaluable, versatile resource.
Safe and Easy to Use
Charging the CJIC 350's maintenance-free, high-efficiency battery is as simple as plugging the unit into a standard AC wall outlet. A colored battery status LED lets you know when the charge is complete (charging may take up to 23 hours if the CJIC 350's battery is dead).
For added safety measures, the CJIC 350 features a jump-starter safety switch, which ensures that power is safely transferred to the jumper cables. The CJIC 350 also includes a reverse polarity indicator to alert you if the battery is not properly connected.
The Cobra CJIC 350 Jumpstarter/PowerPack is backed by a limited one-year warranty.
What's in the Box
Cobra CJIC 350 Jumpstarter/PowerPack, charging adapter, inflation nozzles, and instructions.

Grounded 110V AC Outlet5V USB port12V DC SocketLED super bright light
Grounded 110V AC Outlet5V USB port12V DC SocketLED super bright light

Camp Fire
Camp Fire
Camp fire while at the Sand Dunes in Colorado. Any notes are appreciated :)
portable camping air conditioner
portable camping air conditioner
Coleman All-In-One Portable Sink
With the Coleman All-In-One Portable Sink, you'll have continuous flowing water wherever you need it, for food preparation, washing dishes and hands, and more. The All-In-One includes a 2.5-gallon water container (measures 14.5" x 14.5" x 7"), two sinks with a 1.25-gallon capacity each (measuring 12" x 13" x 4" each), a drying rack, a 24" hose, and a nozzle with on/off switch for the most efficient water use. What's more, the drying rack can conveniently double as a strainer. All pieces are durable and feature antimicrobial protection; for easy cleanup, the Sink is dishwasher-safe. The Sink's nesting design means that all pieces fit together into one compact package, so it's easy to store and transport. The Sink runs on either four D batteries or Coleman's CPX rechargeable battery pack (sold separately). Note: not for use with boiling water.