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When James Bond drove Porsche, we fell in love. It’s shiny gold color, its blur as it raced down the road, it’s classic good looks…it truly was the entire package. Now 50 years later, we still all want to be the spy, feel the speed and own a Porsche of our very own.

Porsche Cayenne Miami

There is nothing like flying down an open highway, with the windows down and the radio up in a sweet little sports car. Porsche has kept up with the modern times and understands the need for just a little more leg room, people room or even cargo room. Understanding these needs, the Porsche Cayenne SUV was born.

History of Porsche Cayenne Miami

The 2013 Porsche Cayenne is the ultimate SUV built by a company that has spent the entirety of it’s company’s existence perfecting the speed, beauty, elegance, and stealth of one of the most recognized sports cars in the world. With the bigger body style, the Cayenne offers same smooth luxury you’ve come to expect plus a little bump up in cargo room so you can take your Porsche out on the open road and maybe even stay awhile.

Buy Porsche Cayenne Miami

Porsche Cayenne Miami Features

Even the base model Cayenne is still a little speedster boasting 300 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and an impressive launch time from 0-60 in 7.1 seconds flat. And to top it off the Cayenne topped out at an impressive 142 miles per hour on the track. This slim and sleek SUV offers an excellent and well-designed body style that increases it’s overall agility and comfort. With a light body, off road capability, active suspension and air suspension the ride aims to please.

Preowned Porsche Cayenne Miami

Worried about safety?

The Cayenne takes car of that aspect too including the specialty composite braking system, stability, braking system, anti-theft protection and passive safety. Add in the luggage space, roof transport system and Towbar system and the Cayenne is the complete package deal!

Despite the sticker price, this car is worth every penny. You deserve to treat yourself and the Porsche Cayenne will leave you spoiled in the lap of luxury offering you the best of the best the Porsche brand has to offer. The 2013 Porsche Cayenne boasts a variety of amenities to make your drive chic, safe and comfort including:

·         Sleek, Classic Porsche SUV Body Type

·         Large Cargo Space

·         Bose Surround Sound System

·         Hands-Free Bluetooth Option

·         Speed Limit Indication

·         Lane Change Assistance

·         Park Assistance

·         Climate Control

·         Cruise Control

Champion Porsche Cayenne Miami

Porsche 911 Cayenne 

Porsche 911 Cayenne has been around for forty years and was able to maintain its image as the most favored Porsche models ever made. Over the years all Porsche Cayenne Miami and Porsche 911 Fort Lauderdale cars whether it be old or the latest edition, continue to stand out and never fail to amaze car buyers. Most car enthusiasts would like to buy 911 Porsche because it is fast and most of all these cars continue to look great as it ages. To buy a Porsche 911, no matter it is new or used, has been the top choice of most people who want to own a Porsche car.

Short overview of Porsche 911 Fort Lauderdale

Porsche 911 Cayenne was introduced in 1963 in Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany and has continued to be in production until now. It was powered by a 2 liter flat 6 cylinder; air cooled engine. And the following year, the production of Porsche 911 has begun. It also became popular in racing, and a lot of these cars have won the most popular racing events during that time, which could prove that this model is one of the fastest and most reliable cars ever built.

The improvements and development of this model have been incremental. The latest versions that you can find when you buy Porsche 911 are made lighter for improved performance, fuel efficiency, and easy handling. These cars have become faster and sexier than you can ever imagine. As Porsche continues to improve the cars that they build, clients can actually expect more powerful vehicles shortly.

Champion Porsche Cayenne Miami

Things to consider when you buy Porsche

When you buy 911 Porsche Cayenne in Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, there can always be a lot of options. There is a broad range of selection both brand new and used; you can surely find one that fits your personal taste.

  • If you prefer to buy 911 Porsche, which is brand new, it actually requires lesser effort compared to the used ones.
  • For used cars, you should know which among the models are less likely to have troubles. You can find this information from car reviews found in magazines or through the Internet.
  • Knowing the key points to be observed for test driving will definitely help you evaluate a model better.
  • In checking the car, it is very important to know which areas could possibly have hidden damages.
  • Most importantly, have an eye for falsified documents. You would not want to buy a stolen car, right? If this happens, you will surely lose your car, your money and worse get yourself behind bars.

Buy Porsche 911 Fort Lauderdale is a significant investment that you need to be extra careful as you go through the process of buying. Porsche cars are one of the properties that we need to look after very carefully because of its worth. As Porsche continues to improve every car they build, they also continue to keep the reputation that “there is no other car, like Porsche”. There can only be one option to be considered, and that would be to buy Porsche 911 Cayenne. It is simply the best.

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