"Pavements are the most ubiquitous structures built by man. They occupy twice the area of buildings."   

-Bruce Ferguson, professor and director of the School of Environmental Design at the University of Georgia in Athens
-quoted in Advances in Porous Pavement ( Hun-Dorris 2005)


Entrance of Kaufman Hall (Fernández 2009)

        We are determining the feasibility of porous pavement for the renovation of Kaufman Hall at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  We are interested in issues of lifespan, cost, and capacity of porous pavements. The renovation of Kaufman Hall has already transformed the Reeves Hoffman crystal factory into the current home of the Environmental Studies, Geology, and Psychology Departments. Further renovation is planned to modify the existing structure by using green building practices with the goal of receiving LEED certification.  Kaufman will become home to the Environmental Studies and Geology Departments as well as the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education.  Taking Kaufman’s renovation to the next level will make it a valuable teaching instrument as Dickinson College continues to incorporate the philosophy of sustainability across disciplines. The Kaufman project represents the potential for reusing and revitalizing old industrial sites, also known as "brownfields".  As a former industrial site, Kaufman poses unique challenges to the use of porous pavement because of TCE contaminated soil and groundwater.  Our goal is to assess whether porous pavement is an appropriate best management practice (BMP) and to make recommendations regarding its use in this context.                                                            
Aerial view of architect plans for Kaufman (Rhoads Siegel Architects, Inc. 2008) 

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