Logs and Info

Stats of Azazello

Game over!

The escape log

Orcish wetdream in Moria

In Moria with Wridush

Charging Amanrandil

 In the Castle again

The Scrollfest

First fight in the Castle

Quickie in foreman

Just a good session

A cliff fight again

A fight in Stonedoor

  Fuckup in GC

Travelling west with Ugnez and Risp

 Azazello as a thief

Cliff fight

old ABR gate  

Relatively old Stonedoor fight

 Newbie fuckup in DT

Overkill in Necro

"On the flank, gleaming in steel armour, rode Azazello, his face transformed by the moon. Gone was the idiotic wall eye, gone was his false squint. Both Azazello's eyes were alike, emptry and black, his face white and cold. Azazello was now in his real guise, the daemon of the waterless desert, the murderer-daemon." 

                                            M. Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"

Azazello as a MUME charecter was inspired mostly by Isolde and partially by some other dodge-warriors. From start on i had a dual-class design in head and layed my pracs in such a fashion that i could easilly reprac from thief to dodge warrior and back.

However my gradualy rising hate for thieves made me almost never play him as thief.