The pukedozer keeps rolling! 

Arkanar strikes again! 

First test of reshaped Budach 

Redhorn clash 

Brolg HOWTO 

3 vs 3 + brolg 

Sewers fight. Fuckups 

*splat* Everthing goes wrong 

Uhm. Ares opens the door. Almost 

Inside, Outside VT 

Powder and Teleport 

new puke scrolls 

3 vs 3 Khuzur 

Darkies charge us in ooc 

Charging 3 equless orcs in demons 

Arkanar doing guardian 

Arkanar vs BBT+Macke 

Arkanar vs Minas Morgul 

Arkanar's first PK session 

Arkanar is a clan

It's members are Rumata, Pampa and Budach and all three charecters come from the world of the novel "Hard to be a God" by Brothers Strugatski. Quoting Wikipedia: "It shows an alien humanoid world passing the phase of Middle-Ages. But in the common greyness of that society the Church suddenly arises, crushing progressively thinking people. The main hero, Earth observer don Rumata, struggles for their lives, although steadily losing his humanity. The title refers to Rumata's perception of his own position and possibilities within this society."

The basic idea of the clan was to be a group-with-the-clan-only group. We rarelly broke the rule, mainly only when we played without  the rest of the clan online, but you probably can count the times with fingers on one hand. 

The idea was that everyone would know that we are not trapping, luring or going to overkill you in any way. In this meaning the clan was as fair as you can get. 

But  you can bet your  hat - the clan will do everything possible and impossible to get you killed, if you are playing on the opposite side.