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První Obnovené Reálné Gymnázium

Prague, Czech Republic

March 2007                                                                Fourth Edition




Violence in Games

Kurnas Jakub, Tercie


Yesterday I played on a PC. I played a very brutal and cruel game. It’s called Postal 2. On its website is a long list of states, where it’s illegal. Your quest is always something like get a milk, or confess sins. But you can do whatever you want. You can shoot at people, you can cut their heads off. It’s a typical example of  bad violence in games.

The question is, if it’s bad. Is someone so stupid, that he’ll try this in real, or so naïve, that he will take that serious? If there’s nobody like this, is there any problem of killing in games? Because it would mean, that everyone just relax by killing another people (I agree, it’s not very nice, but if you can relax by shooting birds, what is a problem?), and he just get his agression out of him playing this. In fact that would be a very useful thing, because nobody will kill for “fun” in real, because he will kill for fun on the computer. And if there’s someone like that, stupid and silly, why normal people can’t play what they want, because they know the game is stupid, it’s just way to calm down?

Answer for first question, if someone is so stupid, that he can try it in real is YES. Of course it’s lot of stupid and strange people out there, and that’s why it’s possible, that someone will try to blow your brain ot of your head, because of a game. But I heard, that someone commitied suicide because of Ash from Pokemon. Or that some children played on Saddam Hussein, and boy didn’t survive it. So that’s not the biggest problem. I think that makers of this game just knew what a computer player wants, to relax, to unload his energy, that’s why they did this game, where you can do whatever you want. Because a lot of parents says, that makers are strange, because they made cruel game.  Parents can’t accept, that their children have some problem, if they sit at computer playing games all day, because it’s not bussines of makers – these games are 18+ - there’s no problem to ban game to your kid, if he’s sitting at PC all the time. Of course, there is a lot of better fun then killing cops on computer, but if someone work really hard all day and then he’s tired, exhausted, why he can’t play and relax?

I think, that killing and violence in games is not so bad. Even in the life you can kill people, fire them and lot of other things. Difference is, that you can try it here in the game and you won’t hurt anyone in real. Yes, you don’t have to do it. The makers tried to state one's case by finishing game without any shot and they did it. So Postal 2 isn’t worse then any other game with machine guns and rocket launchers. It’s the same. Only difference is, you can do other things. But you don’t have to. Isn’t it same as in the real world?



Battle for Wesnoth

Jakub Hampl, Septima


I’d like to introduce one of my best friends. OK, it’s not really a real friend but I’ve spent a lot of time with him in the past few weeks. Now you might be wondering who am I talking about. Another clue is that it’s not exactly who, more accurate would be it. And it’s called the Battle for Wesnoth and it’s a computer game.

Right on the beginning I would like to state that I’m certainly not a computer game maniac and I am not addicted to playing on the computer. I occasionally play small flash games on the net and I more like creating games then playing them.

The game

“In general, there are two different types of strategy games. In real-time games time advances steadily therefore requiring the player to act quickly. Turn-based games, however, allow the player to carefully plan his actions as there is no constantly ticking clock. The Battle for Wesnoth is such a turn-based game.[1]” Another of this games old-school features is, that it’s not 3D, not even isometric. Many people would think, that this is a serious drawback of the game, but that is not true. I, being about the same age as the strategy game genre, remember the time when strategy games turned 3D and it was a disaster. In most games of that era, your units mostly died before you had enough time to figure out how to configure your camera view properly. Game developers did one of these things:

·         They returned back to isometric or 2D view and made the graphics top notch (like in Red Alert 2).

·         Made the game in 3D but didn’t do anything in the third dimension and made the camera move as if it was 2D. (e.g. Warcraft III)

·         Made a mutation of the strategy genre with a FPS and the game was viewed from the first person perspective.

Battle for Wesnoth, being a turned based strategy in 2D with very easy rules, does quite a lot to make the game a lot about strategy and thinking. But that’s certainly not all that makes this game. It has also a lot of RPG features included also. All your units gain experience and after reaching a certain threshold they advance to more powerful units that you can recall in later scenarios throughout the campaign. Sometimes you can even choose between several types of unit’s of advancement.

Now Wesnoth is a lot of fun and it certainly is an addictive game, but it has one little drawback. It’s not exactly a bug or anything, but it’s sometimes quite annoying and that’s the random generator. Whenever you attack the game displays the chance your unit has of hitting the enemy unit and the chances of the potent ional results of the battle. The thing I find a little annoying is that the random generator is unbiased. In this game I learned that 92.8% chance is far from being 100% and that 6.2% chance is quite far from never. I think that if the generator sided you a little bit it would make people think it is unbiased.

So how much does it cost?

Yeah I almost forgot about one of the game’s greatest features. It’s free. Not meaning that you can easily pirate it, but that it’s open-source. It’s distributed under the GPL license and it’s multiplatform. That means that it’s a completely must-play for Linux users.

So don’t wait and point your browsers to and begin downloading!



Prodigy Called Counter Strike

Matouš Lorenc, Kvarta


Is counter strike aggressive stupidity or just really good fun? When you come into the computer gambling, you‘ll probably see a big group of young boys playing this action game.


What is counter-strike?


Today counter-strike is the most played online game because of its compatibility with almost all computers. You have a choice between two sides. Do you want to destroy some store or fight for your religion and rights? Your fate is to be on side of terrorists. Is your choice to spend your life by saving the world peace and hostages? No problem lets show terrorists that their place is a burning hell. You are going to be a police (counter-terrorist).


Why is this game so popular?


  1. there is nothing hard to understand in this game
  2. easy principal
  3. combination of action, strategy and team cooperate
  4. good lucidity of maps
  5. big variability


What do you need to play this game?


Nothing extra. Connection to the internet, blitz perception, a graphic card it doesn’t have to be good, the graphic in this game all unpretentious. And of course a lot of time because if you’d started once you’d never want to stop.


                Interview with cs fun:


Do you know counter-strike?

Surely I know counter-strike!

Have you ever played this game?

Every time I could play this game I‘ve played it.

Which version do you prefer (1.5, 1.6, source)

1.6 because Source is strange in something and 1.5 is worse.



Wii are the Revolution

Joachim Veselý, Septima


  Far behind us are the times of 8-bit games, the thrill over titles such as Pac-man or Arkanoid. As with everything else, computer and console games move on, evolve. With more computing power, we tend to see games with graphics that are getting very close to photorealistic. But the concept is the same from the beginning, right? You sit holding a control stick; wildly punching buttons to swing swords and axes, shoot, draw and so on. Wrong. We now find ourselves on what may seem to be the brink of a revolution in playing games.

  For a long time, developers were only trying to best others with better graphics. That hasn’t ceased to happen. We still have Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. But the third of the parties, Nintendo, decided to take a step to the side. It clearly stated, that although high-definition games surely are the future of gaming, the time isn’t yet ripe.

  Nintendo came with the idea of getting non-gamers to play. To change the way people play games; make it more intuitive, so people who are new to gaming wouldn’t be scared off by the complexity. The games are controlled by a wireless device that detects your motions, so you play golf or tennis by actually swinging your hands. And not only sport games can take advantage of this new system. Picture action games, where you actually point where you want to shoot. And rumor has it that there are a lot of games being prepared for all types of people, like a simulator of cooking – where you can toss and flip some pancakes  - or simulators of fishing and of orchestra conducting…you name it.

  Frankly, it seems like someone at Nintendo went crazy, doesn’t it? Let us get it all clear, you are supposed to jump around your TV like a maniac, swinging some sort of wireless device instead of a tennis racket or whatever, playing a game?

  Yes. That’s exactly it, and what is better, it works. This thing really gets people moving. With the Wii, as Nintendo’s new console is named, we are seeing a new wave of gaming. One that doesn’t let you just sit around on the couch. So, can we, at last, enjoy playing games and be fit at the same time? Yes, the key of the whole thing is movement. Hopefully you will see your obese children get up and move some time soon. Because surely, Nintendo Wii is only the first step. Maybe a step to the side, but a step nonetheless. Only time will tell.


  Nintendo Wii was codenamed Revolution when the first facts about it started leaking out. Some say it didn’t bring revolution. Well, maybe it didn’t. But with the new way of playing the games, a new approach to games, it brought something more significant. Grounds for revolution. And by that, I mean total revolution of the game industry. Because it would be hard for Nintendo to push a revolution themselves. But once the game developers start joining in, the revolution will be massive. Truly.





Under Siege

Martin Váňa, Sexta


We (understand family) like cats. We always did. Once a beautiful cat came in and declared our home to be its home. But one cat is alone. So my mother brought a pure black cat from work. Two cats is only a pair. So not long after all this, a third cat found it’s way to the doors of our hovel. It didn’t take long and one morning we found seven kittens spread out all over the garage. We weren’t able to catch them all, so we were forced to sacrifice three tins of cat food to transfer them to the next room, but the peace didn’t last long. The last war has begun…

                We had ten growing cats. Though we got used to one room being occupied by nearly a dozen cats, our family savings, originally designed to pay me a nice flat one day, were sharply depleting. We made some radical changes and I was chosen to be ambassador presenting those reforms to the cats. I opened the scroll saying in loud and steady voice: ‘Due to the bad financial situation your helpings will be reduced by three quarters.’ The room was at once filled by cats’ splutter, I quickly jumped through the doorway and slam the door behind me.

                We had ten angry growing cats. We decided to remain at the food manipulating strategy, knowing this was our opponent’s weakness. Unfortunately the cats’ side was quicker. They made a raid for our stockpiles and before we retaliated and made a counterattack they disappeared. Our situation was growing darker and darker. The raid caused great casualties. We tried to make a feint through neighboring gardens and ambush their rear but their scouts were on alert, discovered us and we were driven back to home (the part we held under control). Both sides grew tiresome of this struggle…

                We all wanted to put an end to this nonsense war. We decided to make a duel. In fact it was the cats’ side idea. Selected the representatives we were to meet at midnight in front of our house for a boxing duel. We prohibited any firepower on ours and all splutter on cats’ side. All of us met directly at twelve o’clock. But despite all the heavy arms we brought the cats’ splutter was to big to withstand, we retreated. Bravely we fled and rush out of our former home. At least I can now use my knowledge about asylum seeking. I’m now after all a refugee.



Oktava Seems to be the Best-Loved Class

Alena Vytisková, Oktáva


            One of the most important parties of PORG took place on Monday, March 5th 2007. The graduation ball which was, as usually, organized by Oktava-students was held in Archa theatre. Everybody agreed that this graduation ball has been one of the best ones in the history of PORG and there was almost nothing to complain about.

             Students are full of impressions – finally came the day there were waiting for. The hall has been filling with people and the excitement among Oktava-students was growing. Everything seemed well-prepared and the ball began.

At first it went fine – the introduction into the ball and march-past of students who are in Oktava this

and as this habit takes place mostly in the first part of a ball, professors should know that they are expected to be there.

But I must say that’s the only thing which could debased the quality of this ball and luckily it did not happen. Everyone seemed to enjoy the ball and during the party no one talked about it. But for those students who will organise the ball in the following year would be better to prevent a misunderstanding between them and professor by telling each one of them when they should arrive.


Graduation Ball

Malvína Voclová, Kvinta


                On Monday, 5th March, there was a graduation ball of octave student from PORG in Archa theatre. This was my second graduation ball this year. The first one was a graduation ball of Gymnasium Říčany. In this article I want to compare them.

                In the beginning I have to say that the grammar-school in Říčany is bigger than PORG, there is eight-year part and a four-year part (there are more then three hundred students in the whole school).

                The ball of Říčany was in The National House in Vinohrady. It is quite a big place and there are many another balls. In the beginning of the ball, there was the matriculation of prima and 1.A students. They got a riband, a rose and a glass of non-alcoholic champagne. Then there was a music band and they were playing dancing strains, so many people were dancing there. After a half an hour, there was “ceremonious coming” of octave and 4.A. The accession was original because one of them had it like a funeral. Then they got cordons with some mottos, a rose and a glass of real champagne. After some time, when there was photos taken of the classes, the music band started to play again and the parquet started flocking with dancing people. This ball formally ended at half past midnight when the band stopped playing. But after it, there was an after party in some club in Říčany.

                Now to the second ball – the ball of PORG students. It started at seven o’clock and in the beginning there was the ceremonious coming of octav and they handed over roses to all the teachers, who had ever taught them, but because of handing it over in the beginning, there were only five teachers in all and it was quite strange. Then there were Sisters Havelkovy and they were singing and some band was playing, but only a few people were dancing. At a quarter to ten, there was an oriental “dancing” of octave’s girls and after it, they showed us their graduation film. The film was really good! After this, some new music band came and they were playing some music that was not dance music, but it does not matter. The ball ended at midnight, but then there was an after party.

                To compare these two balls, I think that the first one was better, had better organization, but this is only my opinion and I do not know, how the PORG ball is valued by other people, who were there…



Where is it Cool to be During the Long Break?

Anna Budinská, Kvinta


                I know a lot of places where students from PORG could spend a long break. The first possibility is very simple. Why not stay in the classroom? Of course it is a little bit ignominious to stay even if all your peers have gone. But silent music and studying a subject for another lesson is not as bad combination as it seems. But nobody does it because it seems to be out. That is the problem of this activity.

For social student is my second advice. PORG has a pretty large garden, where a student can not play football, but can play with Frisbee or petangue (only games which do not subvert the lawn too much). Problem of this doing is that it can be practiced only in the summer.

                Perhaps the most preferred way is shopping. For the spoiled students, who bring their snack from home, is it way for the taste. For the lazier students the long break is something that delivers them from starvation. Near the school, Vietnamese have opened their shop with food and a drug-store. I think that it is very profitable for them. Normally they would not have this perfect sales turnover. And when buys PORG, it behooves. And the biggest negative aspect: too much food – too little money. That is reciprocal proportion.

                If students are introvert they can sit on the toilet seat and enjoy privacy. That has many imperfections (for example practical ones are very interesting, but let’s rather skip to another form of spending the break).

                The best method, in my opinion, is talking with peers or just relaxing. Some of the younger students prefer calling home news. “Ten! I got ten,” we can hear excited voices.

                No matter what do you do now, inspire with this article and change your daily 20 minutes for the better!



American Anti-aircraft Base

in the Czech Republic

Hanka Holubkovová, Kvarta


     I am going to write an article about one of actual problems in the Czech Republic  about American antiaircraft base.

The American government asked the Czech republic to let them build, somewhere in our country, an antiaircraft base for defence. They’ll use it if some country like Russia, North Korea or China (which probably has got nuclear weapons) launches a nuclear projectile at Europe. If it happens, another projectile will be launched from this base and destroy the nuclear projectile in the atmosphere so it couldn’t affect citizens of Europe.

Lots of people are afraid of having an American base in the Czech Republic. They have a lot of reasons – possible terroristic attacks, the price of it, they are afraid of the behave of American soldiers guarding the base and so on. These reasons are mostly nonsense. I think that there are more positives than negatives. Firstly, in my opinion, a threat of a terroristic attack won’t be much bigger, because there are other bases in Europe – in Germany, in Poland – which are more important than the Czech one would be. Also the base will be guarded and the terrorists mostly choose objects where there are no soldiers. Secondly, the base will be fund by America. Thirdly, the soldiers in the base will be mostly sciencists and specialists and these people usually behave well.

Our politicians discussed a lot about it and they haven´t found any resolution yet, but I hope they‘ll agree, because I think that Czech Republic will be safe if we could protect ourselves and  whole world.


Giant Eye Will Take Care of Prague

Monika Kavanová, kvarta


     A jury chose Jan Kaplický to build a new construction of the National library. In 2011 in Letná will be modern edifice which will be including ten million books. 1.600 people will be able to be there. “My project looks like an enormous octopus,” said the victor of international competition. The jury chose from two hundreds projects. They said that the design of Jan Kaplický was original, simple and Kaplický did not copy anyone. They hope that the Czech national library will be one of most remarkable pieces of architecture in the word.

                One of the most interesting things about the construction will be a big eye on the top. In fact, it will be a window from a restaurant. The eye will look at Prague castle and Old Town Square. The house will have nice colours. “It starts  in the colour of fresh champagne, which is yellow-gold and ends in colour of flat champagne which is white.

                The Czech national library exists since 1800. Actually most of the books are in Klementinum. But there is not enough space. In 1985 a new project was approved for library in Těšnov. Fortunately, after the revolution the project was forgotten. In 2002 all of the books would have been in water. So they built a deposit in Hostivař, but even this was not enough. At this time crazy ideas started to appear. One of the craziest was to do eight floors under the Klementinum or to build a roof over atriums of Klementinum. “I am glad that we can save one beautiful historical building and start a new one,” said governor Ježek.



The Darwin Awards 2006 Winners

Šebestián Kroupa


                The Darwin Award is a brutal prize, which is dispensed in memory of the famous scientist Charles Darwin, who said that mankind is developing thanks to that only the stronger specimens survive. The Darwin Award gets these specimens, who weren’t strong enough to survive – they committed suicide or steered themselves in a very strange way.  

                The main Darwin Award was won by a Brazilian man, who tried to defuze

“a panzerfaust” (German WW2 bomb thrower). First he tried to do it by overcoming it with car, but he didn’t succeed. So he thought he would smash it with hammer. That time he was successful. The explosion killed the man, destroyed six cars and the building, where the Brazilian was. The Police found out that he was eking out his salary with selling metal to scrap iron – in all probability he would have sold the parts of the panzerfaust to scrap iron too.

                The second Darwin Award was won by a couple of young Americans, who smothered in a balloon full of helium. 21-year old Jason Ackerman and Sara Rydman were found dead in the flaccid balloon in Florida. They knew that helium causes nice delusions, so they decided to try what kind of hallucinations they would have if they got into the balloon full of that gas.

                The consolation Darwin Award (no one died) was won by two Scotland hikers, who found a black snake (which was alive) on the road. One of the hikers picked up the snake, as to take a photo of it. The Black Adder, the only venomous snake in all the Britain, bit the man, who suffered anaphylactic shock. Fortunately he was successfully recovered in a hospital. When he was asked why he picked up the venomous snake, he said: “I didn’t know that there was any venomous snake in Scotland.”




Supermarkets Everywhere You Look

Klara Hutkova, Kvarta


Year after year there are still less small shops selling only one kind of goods. The cause is obvious – the building of still new and new big shoping centers where you can get everything and it is cheaper. And big question is whether it is right or wrong.

There are many reasons why are supermarkets more succsesful than separate shops. One of them is that most of the people prefer going shopping once a month, spend many houres in one building and buy everything from food to furniture and than don’t have to go buying anything for the rest of the time. Another reason is that supermarkets can sell things much cheaper because they are bigger. And there are also things like advertise, free buses that people can use to get to the shopping center or chances to win things if you buy some product that make people feel that supermarkets are better.

But on the other hand merchandise in supermarkets is often not as quality as in shops that are specialized for selling only one kind of goods. Some people also find shopping in big places very tiring and annoying because everywhere you look you see only hurriing people looking for what they need and longigng to get back home. It is really different than go to the shop where you know the owner, talk to him more than just „250 crowns, thank you, bye, next one…“ and don’t have to squeeze in crowds. And also not feel only as a robot going inside, taking everytime the same things from the same shelves, paying, leaving and next month coming again. What really irritates me are those kilometers of open space that change from meadows and forests to big ugly buildings that everyone in fact hates. Even there, there are people who find spending time between racks enjoyable.





Game of You Review

Matěj Šenkyřik, Oktáva


The original English version of Game of you was first printed in 1991 and more than fifteen years later we can finally buy this amazing comic book also in Czech translation. But we still have to wait for the next five remaining books from popular Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. The first four pieces have been already printed in the Czech Republic by the Crew Company, but they were always in grayscale. The new Game of you Czech readers finally read with color paintings like in the original version, although the Game of you is more expensive than the first four books.

Because I’m an impatient reader I’ve obtained and read whole original Sandman series in English earlier and now I’ll try to compare both versions. First I have to say that the Czech translation is really good but somehow the translation lacks specific atmosphere of the original book. Maybe it’s because every sentence in the comic can be really important, so if there is something which is hard to translate to Czech, just a little inaccuracy can affect the atmosphere. The paintings are quiet similar in both versions. The majority of them are painted by Shawn McManus whom style of painting is more “positive” than paintings of  Dringenberg or Malcolm Jones III. who have painted, for example, the paintings for the second book – The Doll’s House. But as always, the paintings aren’t brilliant, but they perfectly fit the story.

Game of you hasn’t as deep atmosphere as first two books and also we cannot see Morpheus (Sandman) here so often. This book is more bounded to the story of one mortal, than the previous books which were usually more about Morpheus himself. We meet here Barbie again who we can remember from the Doll’s House. She has broken up with Ken and now she is trying to save one world from her dreams where she is a princess. That’s how the story begins.

Honestly, I liked the previous books more but still it’s a comic from the best comic series ever, so I’m looking forward the next book which will be short stories from the Sandman’s world and which I like a lot in the original version.



Forman´s Ghost

Linda Cihlářová, Septima


The famous director Milos Forman is a precious object of Czech pride but this time were our patriotic expectations regretably disappointed. In his new film, Goya´s Ghosts, much of his geniu isn´t left over so the outcome is truly average film.

There are three main characters, painter Francisco Goya (Stellan Skarsgård) of course, his young and beautiful model Inés (Natalia Portman) and ambitious father Lorenzo (Javier Bardem). The story is going on in eighteenth century in Spain while in France the French Revolution is spreading and Napoleon is making his campaigns.

Although the film is named after Francisco Goya, it´s probably only because of his famous name, much more important is the brother Lorenzo. About fifteen years before the ideas of equality, unity and brotherhood will depose the Spanish ruler, Lorenzo reinstates the Spanish Inquisition  and grasp the leading. Establishing a traditional order of cruelty and senseless accusations, Lorenzo goes sorely and ruthlessly after his career and benefits. Just because of one of these senseless acusations, Inés is interrogated and after being tortured she confess to what she never did and is imprisoned. For Goya Inés is a Muse but even he´s a reputable painter of  the royal Court, neither him nor her father can get her release.

When the French Revolution ivade the Spain, Inquisition is canceled and Inés is therefore set free. After an awful experience of eighteenth century prison Inés is no more a beatiful Muse but a zombie-looking mad woman. What´s more, in prison she was pregnant and had daughter with no one else but Lorenzo. The child was sent to an orphanage and grew up without Lorenzo knowing about her. Because Lorenzo is not the kind of man  that stays back he is now one of the leaders of Revolution in Spain, so when he gets to know from Goya he has a daugter he´s trying to remove her from his way.

 After few another occurrences is Lorenzo sentenced to death, Inés steals some forlorn baby and (the alerady deaf) Goya hopes he will get back to painting without being disturbed by a zombie.

Goya´s ghosts isn´t a somehow extremely bad film, but is not another excellent Forman film either. Many events are improbable and evidently artificial, which is a big deal when, as in this case, the plot (and not for example psychology or relationships between characters) is the most important. Desperately lame is Natalia Portman professing madness, that was the most disturbing thing about this film for me. Other performances are not really bad but from whole film breathe some kind of lethargy, actors seem to play with coldness and indifference.



Magda Hlaváčková, Septima


A few days ago I’ve read a book from the brothers Boris and Arkadij Strugatski called Stalker (in original Roadside Picnic), written in 1971. This book represents Russian science fiction and tells the story of Roderick Shoehardt.

The single story about some man wouldn’t be so interesting if there wasn’t The Zone. The Zone appeared one day when some alien civilisation visited several places on the Earth and left it again. The aliens had let there some mysterious objects and strange areas which are dangerous and unknown outside The Zone so it is under the supervision of the government and no one can get in instead of some scientists. But besides there are stalkers who go in to The Zone secretly during the night, get some abnormal objects and sell it outside The Zone. These objects are very expensive outside The Zone but The Zone is also very dangerous and every stalker has to know every meter of it very well. Roderick Shoehardt lives with his family in a town near to The Zone and he is also one of these stalkers.

The book is very enjoyable and catching because of its dramatic and exciting run. Roderick Shoehardt is a great major figure; he is authentic, rough but also very sympathic and likable, so you must love him. I like also the idea of the change in a society when a situation like this comes. People run from the town, businessmen come in to deal with the mysterious objects from stalkers and police of course are looking for every stalkers.

This book was filmed in 1979 by Andrej Tarkovskij as Stalker with Alexandr Kajdanovskij in the major role. In this story there is also The Zone and stalker who is leading people into The Zone, but the figures, atmosphere and the main idea are absolutely different. The Zone acts in the film just as a device to find some philosophical truth. Tarkovskijs Zone is changing every minute in accordance to the people there you never know where the traps are and The Zone react to you like an organism. The film shows just one stalkers excursion to The Zone and the whole story is not as important as the ideas and monologs of the personages.



Dominik Obruča, Kvarta



                ONE WORLD (Jeden svět) is a festival of documentary films about human’s rights. The organizer of this festival is the humanitarian organization PEOPLE IN NEED (Člověk v tísni).  The festival is in Prague every year. This year, the festival began on Wednesday 28th of February in Prague. It is in the patronage of Czech ex-president Václav Havel, the minister of cultural Václav Jehlička and the Prague mayor Pavel Bém.

In ONE WORLD you can see something like one hundred good movies around the world, in six small cinemas in Prague: Lucerna, Světozor, Ponpero, Evald, Městská knihovna and Perštýn.  Every cinema is near underground station in the centre of Prague. Some of the movies are in festival competition. In the main competition are sixteen movies. There are parts: The Short Forms, Right to Know, Czech Movies, German Cultural Spring, Latin American Social Document, ONE WORLD for Children…

Every movie has Czech or English titles and the ticket for one movie costs only seventy crowns. After the end of the movie you can poll in viewer competition, which organizes Plzeňský Prazdroj, how do you like the movie. You can poll 1 for excellent films, 2 for interesting films, 3 for fair films, 4 for poor films and 5 for bad films.

I think it is good, because people can learn, that in the world where we all live are a lot of different cultures a lot of different people, a lot of tyrannies and wars. The most important is that most of the movies are from the present. Different people and different cultures, tyrannies and wars are not only a past. It is the present! And we did not know the situation of other people and cultures very well. We may thing that it is not important for us, but it is one world. It is only one world!



Arizona Dream

Matouš Glanc


                Arizona Dream is Emir Kusturica’s only non-Balkan movie and according to many critics, including myself, his best one. It’s got a great storyline, excellent acting, thrilling music and some pretty deep thoughts all in one movie, which is rather rare nowadays.

                Axel (Johnny Depp) works  for the New York fishing department. One day his brother comes over and drives him against his will to Arizona for their uncle Leo‘s wedding. Leo owns a Cadillac store and keeps persuading Axel to stay with him and join the business. Axel finally agrees to give it a try. His first two customers are two ladies – Elaine, whom Axel immediately falls in love with, and her jealous and nervous step-daughter Grace. Axel moves to their farm and lives with Elaine. Just as he gets enough of her and starts to love Grace, she shoots herself and disillusioned Axel gets back to his life.

                The whole movie is about the characters’ dreams and their interactions with reality and each other. Very often you are not sure what is a dream and what’s actually happening, since the two fluently flow into each other. The thing is though, it doesn’t really matter.

                Elaine dreams about flying and her dreams come true more or less. Axel’s brother dreams about being a film star, however, he’s too shy and down-and-out to become one, so he sticks with just dreaming. Grace dreams about getting rid of her house and reincarnating into a turtle. Her suicide, although it ruins Axel’s dreams, will help her in both, or Grace at least hopes it will. Axel’s dream is to live a happy and meaningful life, although the others‘ dreams make that really difficult.

                Axel has one particular dream the excerpts of which we get to see throughout the whole movie. This dream is a key to understand what’s going on for Axel, and to interpret it for the viewer.

                A really important part of the movie is – like in all Kusturica’s films – the music. It is, as usualy, composed and from the most part played by Goran Bregović and his orchestra, but this time the songs are spiced with Iggy Pop’s vocals. When you listen to the soundtrack, you really feel the movie’s atmosphere just from the music, which I consider the definition of good film music.

                The movie as a whole works incredibly well and is a real masterpiece in all ways a work of art could be.



Michal Novák, Kvarta


                Serie A is a football league in Italy. Italy won the world cup in football but their league isn’t the best in the world. In the summer of 2006 was fined corruption and best team from Italian league was transferred to Serie B (second Italian league). This team is Juventus Turin. Juventus had to sell their best players because Juventus wouldn’t earn enough money to pay very good players. But the best Czech player (Pavel Nedvěd) stayed in Juventus and didn’t want too much money. In this corruption scandal Juventus wasn’t alone. In this corruption scandal were AC Milan, AC Fiorentina, Lazio Roma, Reggina. But these clubs had only deduction points.


                In this season (06/07) is in Serie A these teams: AC Milan, Ascoli, AS Roma, Atalanta, Caliari, Catania, Chievo, Empoli, FC Turin, AC Fiorentina, Inter Milan, Lazio Roma, Livorno, Messina, Palermo, Parma, Reggina, Sampdoria, Siena, Udina. The leader is Inter Milan. AC Milan would be leader too but AC Milan has deduction points. In KVARTA is most popular team AC Milan. Half of polled people love Buffon (goalkeeper of Juventus and Italy national team) and second half hate Buffon! But in KVARTA the most popular player from Serie A is Tomas Ujfalusi (Czech defender).


                As you know Italy won the world cup in football. But everyone answer: I think it is deserved victory. Italy knocked out Czech national team. Italy had luck but they played well. Their captain won the Gold ball (evaluation for best football player – this competition is every year). And who is it? Of course is it Fabio Cannavro. Last year he played in Juventus but when Juventus went down he left this club. Lots of people mean he isn’t best…


                One of the best known Italian stadium is San Siro. This stadium is in Milan and on this stadium play AC and Inter Milan. This stadium was built in 1927.


                Football in Italy is very popular and has a long history. Serie A is third or fourth best league in Europe and maybe in the world…     




Noemi Krausová, Kvarta


Lidice is the name of a Czechoslovak village which was totally destroyed by the Nazis in WWII. 340 people from this village were killed and this place was erased from maps.

                Everything started when Czech parachutists conducted an assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, who was planning the extermination of Czechs and Slavs. The whole Third Reich was furious about his death and revenge come imediately. Nazis chose one, quite prospering village near Kladno to show their power and intimidate the Czech resistence. On the 10th June 1942 SS came to Lidice. They murdered every man (up 15) of this village. Women with children were taken away and then children were separated from their mothers. Women were taken to Ravennsbrück, a concentration camp, and children were taken to Poland. There some of them were chosen to be Germanized, the rest of children were killed by gas. The village was burnt down and destroyed. Then came Hitlerjudend to finish the whole thing. They took away wreckage, stole expensive things etc. They even dug out coffins from cemetery and burnt them! There were only barrens after that…

                 This incident was a big shock for the whole world. The Munich agreement was imediately repealed. Lidice has become a symbol of all Nazis‘ crimes during the war. Many villages, streets or even children were named after that to show to Nazis that Lidice will never die. Soon after Nazis started to lose the war (The battle of Stalingrad).

                After the war a new Lidice was built. On the place of old Lidice there is a Rose Garden and a Museum today and it is a place for piety.


Changes in the Town of Odolena Voda

Jan Kröbl, Sekunda


There were lots of changes in Odolena Voda in the last seventeen years. Many changes came after the „velvet“ revolution in 1989. The houses have more colours, there is more green (grass, trees) here and on the main square there are many blooming plants and flowers in the summer. But there is still much to do. The mayor of Odolena Voda Jana Mrázková answers the questions: what is to be done and how long will it probably take.

Mayor: „We want to make a nice place from the town. A town where the people  can feel good.“

Reporter: „Yes. And what exactly do you mean?“

Mayor: „I mean, that we want to make some new play grounds for the children, places, where old people can retire, but also everything what do the people need for the  everyday life, for example shops, parking places and services.“

Reporter: „Do you think can you manage  it?“

Mayor: „We would like to but it isn´t going to be an easy job. The main problem is money today. The people often damage these installations and equipment too. However, I believe, that there are not many people in our small town who do it.“

Reporter: „How long could it take, you think?“

Mayor: „I don´t know, but it is also about a help of each of us.“