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Cats, kittens, koalas, butterflies, pandas, ducks, owls, swans, mallards on a blue lake, teddy bears,  and more are products offered from the Otagiri music box collection.  Otagiri (also known as Otagiri Mercantile Co. or OMC) was a distributor of upscale housewares and giftwares for more than 45 years.  

The company's products were made in Japan by the finest artisans.  Each item is handcrafted and hand painted.  Otagiri's products were sold by San Francisco Music Box Co., Gibson Greetings and other fine giftware retailers.

 Otagiri was purchased by Enesco in 1994 and Enesco promptly stopped producing the Otagiri line.  Otagiri's music boxes are available through auctions and estate sales now and are joining the ranks of the "highly collectible" items today. 

Mom and Baby Koala Plays "Close to You." Measures 5 x 3.5".

Mallard on Blue Lake - Plays "Over the Rainbow" and was made in 1974. 


Mom and Baby Panda - This music box was probably made in the 1960s or 1970s.  It is 4.5" x 3.5" and is in excellent condtion.  It plays a childhood favorite "Playmates."

Other offerings from the Otagiri collection include:

  • Cat in Mailbox - "Memories (from CATS)                              
  • Cats with Yarn - "Somebody Loves Me"                                     
  • Buterflies on Flower  - "Waltz of the Flowers"                        
  • Two Owls - "Close to You"                                                              
  • Three Birds on Branch - "Edelweiss"                                         
  • Two Swans (1979) "Love is a Many Splendored Thing"    
  • Teddy Bear Gift - "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear "                  

 The Otagiri trademark is on each item.  Many still have the original Otagiri sticker.  Authenticity is GUARANTEED!

 The Cat in the mail box is reminiscent of the one created by Suberto.  This is an exquisite piece.  However, it does have a chip on the base.  I have included this item because it is extremely hard to find.  This is the only one I have seen like it on any site during the past year.  This is a Bob Harrison design and as such is highly sought after by collectors.

 The Butterfly on Flowers is a much smaller music box and has soft muted over-glazed tones. 





                                The Teddy bear and the two swans on the lake are both stunning in detail and in craftsmanship.   The three birds on the branches is another older Otagiri offering and is hard to find as well. All of these music boxes are delightful and the tunes are fresh and crisp.  

The two owls is a smaller music box and has a high gloss glaze with an over-glazed effect. The colors in this music box, like the ones in the three birds on branches are muted.

 My personal favorite is The Mom and Baby Cow looking over the fence.  This music box plays "Take Me Home Country Roads."  It is a compact music box and is in EXCELLENT condition.