This recipe is a vegan version of a very common sandwich filling from my home town in Gran Canaria. It’s traditionally eaten cool in sandwiches for breakfast and snacks in the afternoon. It’s also pretty usual at birthday parties, days at the beach or at picnics.


The original recipe is made with canned tuna, sweet corn and mayonnaise. So, for this vegan version, I’ve decided to add some cashew mayo, sweet corn and cooked chickpeas as a tuna substitute.


*For this filling, I tried to replicate the flavour of the mayo I was used to eat when I wasn’t a vegan. But if you like, you can adjust some ingredients or add other, like garlic, for example. However, I don’t like adding garlic to this mayo, as it reminds me about alioli (a garlic and oil dressing), which is never used in the traditional recipe.


*Cashew nut must be natural, not fried nor salty baked. Additionally, note that you will need to soak them for about 5 – 8 hours.


INGREDIENTS: (for 3 – 4 sandwiches)

For the mayonnaise

·         ½ cup (75 gr) natural cashews nuts

·         Water for soaking (double of the nuts volume approx.)

·         1 tsp fresh lemon juice

·         ½ tsp fine sea salt

·         A pinch of ground white pepper (adjust to your liking)

·         3 tbsp water


Rest of ingredients

·         6 – 8 loaves of sandwich bread (make sure it’s vegan)

·         ¾ cup (125 gr) cooked chickpeas

·         ½ cup (90 gr) sweet corn

·         Fine sea salt (up to your liking)



1.      About 5 – 8 hours before making the filling, soak the cashews with water (the double of their volume).

2.      After this time, make the mayo. Drain the water (get rid of it, you won’t need it) and put them in a blender jar with the rest of the mayonnaise ingredients. Blend until you get a creamy sauce. I use my hand blender for this purpose, but you can totally use any other appliance that blends well. Store it in the fridge.

3.      Now, in a food processor, mince the chickpeas lightly. You don’t want a paste, you just need to break the beans in bits that are smaller than the corn (so you get different textures in the filling). You can also do this by mashing them with a fork.

4.      Mix chickpeas, corn and mayo. Add some fine sea salt if needed and stir well. Keep in the fridge until using it.

5.      Spread the filling on the bread to make the sandwiches.


Note 1: If you like your mayo less thick, just add some more water when blending.

Note 2: This filling is normally eaten cold, so keep it always in the fridge until the moment you’re going to use it.


I hope you like this filling. For me, it’s very special, because every bite of a vegan “tuna” and sweet corn sandwich takes me to my childhood, to those Friday evenings with my friends, when we used to spend some ours together after our extracurricular activities. Moreover, it’s an easy way to change the typical hummus in your bread!


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Thank you for joining me and… see you in the next recipe!!!

Por amor a los gofres