These slices mix the creamy and soft texture of vanilla custard and the crunchy touch of their crust. They’re the perfect match for a hot tea or coffee in the afternoon.


The crust is raw, made from almonds and oats, while the custard is cooked of coconut milk as the main ingredient. That’s the reason why it’s so creamy, because of the high-fat content of this kind of milk.


*I suggest using a 20 x 20 cm squared mould. You’ll also need some parchment paper to cover it. The use of cling film (plastic wrap) is optional.


INGREDIENTS: (for 9 slices)

For the custard

·         1 can (400 ml) coconut milk with 24% of coconut approx.

·         ½ cup (104 gr) plant-based milk of your choice

·         ½ vanilla pod

·         40 gr white granulated sugar

·         3 & ½ tbsp cornflour (cornstarch)


For the crust

·         1 cup (158 gr) raw almonds

·         ½ cup (54 gr) quick or instant oats

·         4 tbsp agave syrup

·         A pinch of ground sea salt

·         A little bit of any vegetable oil



1.      Cover your mould with parchment paper. I suggest that you lightly oil the mould before covering, so you make sure that the paper won’t move.

2.      Put all the crust ingredients in a food processor and grind it until you get a lumpy batter that’s easy to manipulate. Then, place it in the mould, pushing it with a spoon, making sure that it’s flat. Let it cool in the fridge.

3.      Now, make the custard. Put the vanilla pod with the coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat. After boiling, it will start rising. At that moment, turn off the heat and let the milk cool.

4.      When cold, strain the milk and pour it over another saucepan with the sugar. In another container, mix the ½ cup of plant-based milk and the cornflour. Mix it with the coconut milk.

5.      Heat the coconut milk blend over low heat until it thickens. Then, pour it over the crust (without removing it from the mould). Cover it with cling film “to skin” and let it cool for 2 – 3 hours minimum in the fridge.

6.      After that time, check that is cold. Remove the pie from the mould and cut it in slices.

7.      Serve cold.



Note 1: To properly use the vanilla pod, I suggest that you squash it with the non-cutting edge of a knife and, after that, you cut it in halves vertically. Then, remove the seeds and dust them in the milk. Add the pod too.

Note 2: The best way to mix the cornflour and the milk is by shaking them in a jar.

Note 3: The coverage of the custard with cling film is optional. Its purpose is to avoid a skin from forming in the custard’ surface. But, as it’s a single plastic that’s better not to use if you don’t mind that cream skin, you can skip this step.


I hope you like this recipe, it's simple, sweet and a nice companion for that evening tea.


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