We keep trying to balance our lives again after all that Christmas craziness with healthy and easy recipes. That’s why today I bring you this simple but nutritious smoothie recipe.


It's made from oranges, which give a slightly acid taste, and coconut milk, which adds a lovely and creamy coconut flavour (I love that taste twist!). I also included a banana (for texture, you know that banana is the king of smoothies), a little ginger for anti-inflammatory actions and chia seeds for its omega-3 fatty acids.


*I suggest drinking this smoothie as soon as possible because oranges lose part of their benefits (including vitamin C) and get a bitter taste.


*If it’s cold where you live, don’t use frozen bananas, but fresh ones.


INGREDIENTS: (for one smoothie)


·         2 medium-size oranges

·         1 banana

·         ½ cup (115 gr) coconut milk

·         ¼ tsp ginger powder

·         ¼ cup (45 gr) water (optional)

·         Chia seeds for dusting (optional)




1.      Peel and cut the fruits.

2.      If you have a powerful blender, put all the ingredients together, except for the water and chia, and blend until smooth.

If your machine it’s not very powerful, mix the fruits and ginger and blend until you have a nice fine purée. Then, add the coconut milk and keep blending for a while until smooth.

3.      When done, if you feel that the smoothie it’s too thick, add the water and blend for a few more seconds.

4.      Serve and dust the chia seeds on top.


Note 1: You can make this smoothie with any kind of blender, even a hand blender, but notice that you may have to blend for a little more to get a nice texture.

Note 2: Peel the oranges well, making sure that you get rid of most of the white skin, as it tastes bitter.


I hope you like this recipe and that it helps you to go back to all your healthy eating habits.


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Thank you for joining me and… see you in the next recipe!!!


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