The 31st Annual Meeting of the Society of Population Ecology, 10-12 October, at the University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

The Society of Population Ecology invites all population ecologists to our annual meeting, 10-12 October, at the University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The meeting will include two plenary symposia, a couple of organized sessions, and poster presentations.


1st Day: October 10 (Sat) 2015

13:00-16:00    Steering Committee
16:00-18:00    Social Event

2nd Day: October 11 (Sun) 2015

9:00-12:00    Plenary Symposium A
12:00-14:00    Poster Session (Core time)
14:00-16:00    Organized Session A
18:00-20:00    Reception
16:00-18:00    General Committee

3rd Day: October 12 (Mon) 2015

9:00-12:00    Plenary Symposium B
13:00-15:00   Organized Session B


Those who wish to contribute a poster presentation or to propose an organized session should be a member of the Society of Population Ecology. If you are a non-member, refer to the Society of Population Ecology Website to apply to the 2015 membership. Non-members who will not make a presentation can participate in the meeting, but need to pay the registration fee.

For registration, send an e-mail to with following information:

Deadline for registration: September 25th (Friday)

1. Name

2. Affiliation

3. Abbreviated Affiliation (for your name tag)

4. Address

5. Phone

6. E-mail

--Choose from options--

7. Regular Member/Student-Member/Non-Member

8. Banquet: Yes/No

9. Lunch Box for 11th Oct*: Yes/No 

10. Lunch Box for 12th Oct*: Yes/No

11. Poster Presentation: Yes/No

If you will make a poster presentation, send following information as well:

12. Presentation title 

13. Names and affiliations of all coauthors.

*You can buy lunch box (870 yen/each)  upon prior request.

Abstract Submission

Those who registered the poster presentation should submit the abstract (less than 200 words in English) with presentation title and names of all coauthors. Send an e-mail to with the attached MS Word file. 

Deadline for abstract submission: October 2nd (Friday)

Note: deadline for the registration is earlier than that for the abstract submission.


     Regular Member  Student Member  Non-Memeber
 Registration Fee  Until Sep 25th 2015
 From Sep 26th 2015
 6,000 yen
 7,000 yen
 4,000 yen
 5,000 yen 
 7,000 yen
 8,000 yen
 Banquet  Until Sep 25th 2015
 From Sep 26th 2015
 5,000 yen
 6,000 yen
 3,000 yen
 4,000 yen 
 6,000 yen
 7,000 yen 

For international participants: the payment should be made at the reception desk on arrival. 

(Japanese participants can pay by postal transfer in advance. See Japanese website in detail.)

Undergraduates (including junior-high and high school students) will have FREE access to the meeting with valid identification! Undergraduates who wish to contribute poster presentation should have a student-rate membership.

Access & Accommodation

The closest international airport to the University of Shiga Prefecture is Kansai International Airport (Osaka; KIX)Limited express JR Haruka trains run from Kansai-Airport Station to Kyoto Station or Maibara Station. Check The University of Shiga Prefecture website for detailed access information from Kyoto or Maibara station to the meeting place. Hotels near JR Hikone Station or Minami-Hikone Station is convenient for getting to the University of Shiga Prefecture.

Hotels around JR Hikone station

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available at the venue. The usage (SSID, account name and password) will be informed at the front desk.

Symposium A

Sex in the Community: Reproductive Interference and its Implications
Organizers: Suzuki Noriyuki (Rissho Univ.) & Daisuke Kyogoku (Kyoto Univ.)

Reproductive interference has received attention in recent years as an important interspecific interaction that can cause species exclusion, niche partitioning, and character displacement. Due to its potential generality across animal and plant taxa, it should be further linked with diverse phenomena in population ecology and evolutionary biology, such as eco-evolutionary dynamics and adaptive radiation. Here, in this symposium, young ecologists introduce the recent advances on the cause and consequence of reproductive interference. Notably, we arranged commentators to each speaker to provide the renewed attention to this area and to enhance discussion. By doing so, we would like to clarify the future perspective on reproductive interference and its related areas.


David Wheatcroft (Uppsala Univ)
Magne Friberg (Uppsala Univ)
Ryo Yamaguchi (Kyushu Univ)
Daisuke Kyogoku (Kyoto Univ) 


Toshitaka Suzuki (SOKENDAI)    
Suzuki Noriyuki (Rissho Univ) 
Kotaro Kagawa (Univ of Tokyo)
Minoru Kasada (Univ of Tokyo)   

Symposium B

Biogeography: spatial partitioning of diversifying lineages
Organizers: Takayoshi Nishida (Shiga Pref Univ)


Takayoshi Nishida (Shiga Pref Univ)
Kazuki Tsuji (Univ Ryukyus)
Evan Economo (OIST)
Ko-Ichi Takakura (Shiga Pref Univ)
Shinichi Akimoto (Hokkaido Univ)