Seeing Doctors Is So Expensive - Is PHM the Solution?

The Cost of Health Care in the United States Continues to Rise

If you live in the United States, then you know that the subject of health care is a hot topic with politicians, those in the medical profession and society in general. There are as many opinions as there are people though everyone can see the reality that the cost of medical care is on the rise for virtually every segment of society in the US.

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There are many reasons behind this, and it is quite troubling to consider that those who have the most control regarding the health of the average American are incredibly wealthy and continue to do so even at the risk of harm to the rest of the citizens. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to create new products that are often not sufficiently researched before release.

Doctors are often pushed by pharmaceutical reps to prescribe certain medications, particularly those that are going to cost the patient or their insurance company more money. In return, the members of the medical profession get gifts and bonuses from these reps. Sometimes, the payoff can be quite expensive, such as luxury vacations for physicians who have made the company substantial profits.

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While this may seem unbelievable to fathom, it is because most of the medical associations in the country are not focused solely on the care of their patients. You can look at the symbol displayed to represent medicine to see where the organization sits regarding health care.

The Caduceus is used in regards to a combination of health care with commerce or even deception. This is the symbol with two snakes twined around the rod in the middle. On the other hand, the singular snake on the Rod of Asclepius is devoted to health. The World Health Organization uses the Rod of Asclepius.

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The medical and pharmaceutical industries have a large role in the rules and regulations that are approved by the government. One great example of this is that it is now a law in this country that diseases must be treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Companies cannot claim that a natural product can treat a disease, even if there are many pieces of evidence to the contrary.

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For instance, those with acid reflux are given pills to take rather than being guided into altering their habits. This dependence on the drugs leads to the need for additional drugs to combat the side effects. The pharmaceutical industry becomes wealthier while the patients become weaker and more dependent.

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This sick cycle is very troubling the older people get. Most senior citizens are taking multiple medications, sometimes foregoing food in order to pay for these outlandish prescriptions. They have to sell all of their belongings and end up in poverty before they are able to get any financial assistance for these unreasonably priced drugs.

The price of health care in the United States is way too high, both in regards to money and overall health.

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