If you own or manage a music store contact us about wholesale pricing. 
We'll provide you with special counter top display racks with every order.
Popper Blockers are great point of sale items!
This video shows how effective the POPPER BLOCKER is.
POPPER BLOCKER is made from a carbon fiber type material that allows sound to pass through but blocks wind.  This eliminates the explosive breaths that cause popped P's and bopped B's as well as noise associated with breathing too close to the microphone.
With a POPPER BLOCKER installed you'll be able to work the mic closer than ever before.  This enables you to take advantage of the increased bass response from the proximity effect common to most
hand held mics.  Put simply, you'll be able to be more expressive and
creative with your voice without worrying about the microphone.
This video shows how to install your POPPER BLOCKER.
It's easy.
Some microphones come with a foam insert in the ball of the mic.
You can leave it in and still insert a POPPER BLOCKER into the ball.   
We recommend removing it before installing your POPPER BLOCKER.
It's up to you.  We've found these foam inserts are pretty much useless
when it comes to blocking breaths and do nothing to stop plosives.
They do roll off some of the high frequencies.  When you remove them
and install a POPPER BLOCKER you may notice an increased high end response from your microphone.  We think this is a good thing!
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 PopperBlockers - $4.95 each
10 PopperBlockers - $44.55
100 PopperBlockers - $395.00
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We want to thank everyone who stopped by the PopperBlocker booth at
The Greater DC Rock 'n Roll Flea Market & Guitar Show Saturday October 15th.
 And special thanks to Jeff Bollettino, Laura, and everybody else from The School of Rock
for putting on a really great show.
Hundreds of people got to try out the PopperBlocker.
The response was fantastic and even better than we had hoped.
PopperBlockers are now available from:
FULL COMPASS  9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy.  Madison, Wisconsin
 Installing a PopperBlocker
is as easy as
1,  2,  3!