Digitalisierung und Scannen der Texte fur GRALIS corpus 

On 16.6.2008, I had an opportunity to show my full digitization potentials at the University of Graz/Institute for Slavic languages. In order to build up a Linguistic Corpora the digitization of books and newspapers is one of the first steps. Using the modern technology is the most efficient, cheap and fast way to reduce your costs, enhance the OCR recognition and to gain valuable time in the process.

In just 2 days, we have managed to lead the digitization process fast forward, to train the student stuff with some basic tricks about the scanning and the OCR. Along with that, they had the opportunity to listen about the connection between digitization, translation memory and the computer assisted translation.

For more info about this please visit the GRALIS web page Big THANK YOU to prof. Branko Tosovic and Mag. Arno Wonisch for their invitation.

MIKROSAM Company seminar

On 27.01.2007 I held a seminar in MIKROSAM Company about Information management and Global Information Infrastructure with an accent on the advanced search techniques. For more info about the company visit

I want to thank the owner of the company Mr. Blagoja Samakoski for his understanding of the importance of Information Science. He is probably one of the few people in Macedonia that has provided me with the opportunity to talk about the Digital Libraries and the importance of Information Retrieval/Advanced Web search and a kindly thank him for that. 

On 01.09.2007 I was invited to do a lecture for the MIKROSAM academy but since they didn't wanted to pay for my services I refused to do a voluntary lecture.

Other activities

Since I offer Information management/Digitization expertise a lot of people and organizations/NGO's have contacted me help them in the application procedure for doing digitalization projects. 

Needles to say, not a single one of them wanted to pay for my services! The librarians/library professionals in Republic of Macedonia are considered to be under payed and academically "illiterate". That kind of perception will soon change when more and more information managers gain knowledge about the information management  and workflow of information.

Here is a small list of institutions that I have helped in their efforts to be pioneers of digitalization in Macedonia:

Euro-Balkan Institute

City Library "Braka Miladinovci"

This two Institutions are applying for a digitalization project at the Ministry of Culture for a newspaper database from 1989-1999. I have helped them with practical advices about the use of OCR and Digital Library free software (DSpace). They have a database of 180.000 scanned articles of newspapers which was probably one of the worst Content Management Systems that I have ever seen in my life! A very low level of professionalism was involved in the whole process typical for country like Macedonia.

National and University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski"

A colleague of mine from the National and University Library wanted me to help them to apply for a book digitalization project. Somehow, I wasn't surprised by the call cause I am more than sure that there are not so many people in my country, even my colleagues at the national Library, who really don't deserve to work there. Anyway, I have helped again by sending her a PDF document about 98 pages long that explained a lot about the whole process along with some comparisons of DL /CMS software used.