Poposki Dimitar, PhD candidate  

US Department of State Alumni - Junior Faculty Development Program

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Information manager/Digitization consultant currently working at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski". In February 2008 I have started my PhD program at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Department for Information Sciences. My main research focus will be on Digitization, Information Architecture, Information Visualization, Computer Assisted Translation and Corpora Linguistics.

Recently I have shifted my interests toward Open Access and Open Educational Resources and will do my thesis on those two issues. The reason for choosing the above mentioned topics are very obvious: living in a country that never had a Department for Library and Information Science gives you possibilities to find the right approach toward an Information Infrastructure that doesn't exist i.e. needs to be build out of scratch. By choosing the OA and OER approach I do believe that will give me insight into the situation of the knowledge distribution and  scholarly communication as one of the many pre-requisites for a stronger impact of the academia on road toward knowledge based society.

Dimitar Poposki CV 2013

From 2004 until 2008 I was focused mainly on digitization and OCR, so I may say that I was (and still some part of me is :) Optical Character Recognition Specialist with substantial library experience and Research Analyst with proved abilities to work and evaluate any type of OCR software used. I was specializing in Rare Books&Special Collections written in non-existing languages (Old English, German, French, Macedonian and Bulgarian) along with 179 world languages. Check out sample books page for some examples of my work.

I am always interested in academic work as well as advising corporations on Information management. Write me for detailed pricing about:

Digitization (Scanning, Compression, OCR) 

Expertise about building up:

  • Digital Libraries
  • Scientific Repositories
  • Academic Information Portals

Lectures and Seminars about:

  • Digitization (Large-Scale digitization)
  • Information Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Visualization of Information

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If you want to see my professional progress take at look at

my awarded LIDA 2006 poster

or take a look at LIDA 2007 poster with my newest researches in the field of OCR done with point&shoot digital camera dating from a year ago.