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Publishing Center

The Hours of the Publishing Center are as follows:

Monday 9:30am – 11:00am
Tuesday - Friday 9:30am – 11:00am    and   1:00pm – 2:30pm

Publishing Center Work Order Form

Services Available

COPYING: Student packets, daily work and handouts, reproducibles, review materials, copies onto construction paper, reductions and enlargements or anything, really.  Teacher references and materials – please note that we cannot copy confidential items or copyrighted materials.

LAMINATING: Laminating and cutting (as needed) student work, classroom materials, folder games, cut-outs from Ellison Press, etc.

ELLISON PRESS:  Complete uppercase and lowercase alphabets, plus many seasonal and topical cut-outs available.  Come see what we have!

BINDING:  Bind materials into book form with either a plastic coil binder (covers available) or a binder with a “comb” spine (create your own cover with laminated construction paper or card stock).* This is to be used for publishing special student works, for example a book they have created to take home, or for something you or your class has created to assemble in book form and use in the classroom.

POSTER-MAKING:  Turn your 8.5 x 11 sheet into a 23 x 31 poster!  Single color printing on white paper (colors currently available – black, blue, and red).  Can be laminated, if necessary.** Other output sizes possible.  Software is available with many graphics and templates to create a poster and print it directly from an interface with your laptop.

*    Due to the cost of materials, when binding, please keep in mind:

      1.   We cannot bind copies of items intended to be a consumable student workbook or packet – please do not bind when a staple will do.

      2.   We have an abundance of supplies/spines for the comb binder.  Please use that when at all possible.

**  Please laminate posters only if necessary – for example, items you intend to save from year to year or items that will be handled extensively by students or yourself.  If the item will be used for only a short period or be put on a wall where it is unlikely to be damaged, please do not laminate.  The cold laminate (which must be used on this paper) is very expensive and the supply is limited.


Contact: Charlotte Matthews, Chairman, Publication Center Coordinator, at 703-378-7904, Email CharRMFan@verizon.net

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

1.      Complete a work order to describe what you need, including any special instructions (sample attached) – available in the Publishing Center, keep a stack on your desk!

a.       NOTE – Please enter a “need-by” date so that we can assure timely completion of your work and your colleagues’ work to meet everyone’s needs.

b.      You may put the information on Post-It notes instead, just be sure to include your name, complete instructions, and need-by date.

c.       You may submit many items at once (in a folder or clipped together, if desired). Please just clearly indicate separate instructions and need date, if applicable.

2.      Leave originals in the “in-basket” with work order attached.

3.      Trained parent volunteers come in to work 1½-hours shifts, completing jobs as instructed.

4.      Completed work will be available for pick-up in the Publishing Center either in a mail slot labeled with your name or stacked on the table.  Just come on in and get it!

How soon will my job be done?

1.      Copying of daily student work, such as a science packet or a few worksheets or smaller handouts, can usually be completed by the end of the next Publishing Center shift.  For example, a job submitted at 10am on Monday will be done by the end of the day Tuesday.

2.      Time-consuming jobs such as laminating & cutting, binding, assembling copies into booklets, large copy jobs (e.g. several SOL review packets), or special projects, require more lead time.  They should be done within 5 days, depending on the size of the job and thenumber of other jobs in the queue.

3.      Poster-making and Ellison press can be done in 1-3 days, depending on quantity.

Why should I use the Publishing Center?

1.      Save your time – Let us do the dirty work while you get to spend your planning time planning, your lunch time eating lunch, and go home on time!  Free up time for IAs to stay in the classroom and work with students!

2.      Publishing Center volunteers are trained – They know how to use the equipment and have been instructed on Publishing Center procedures.

3.      Reasonably quick turn-around & an “on-time guarantee”.

Why not use my own parent volunteers?

1.      Individual parent volunteers have not been trained on the use of the equipment.  This has caused several jams and malfunctions in the laminator, binder and copier in the past, rendering the equipment unavailable to anyone for some time.

2.      You spend less time planning ahead to save up and set aside work for the parent that comes in once a week or once a month.

3.      Parent volunteers will not be able to use the copier during Publishing Center hours.

Who do I talk to?

1.      If equipment requires supplies or maintenance (e.g. printer ink or laminate runs out, equipment malfunction), please contact the office.

2.      If you have questions regarding your work that has been submitted or volunteer schedules, please contact Elizabeth Nelson (PTA).

3.      For all other questions or concerns, contact the Assistant Principal.