Research Interests

  The Large Hadron Collider is taking data and has started to test many models beyond the standard model. I feel very lucky for not waiting 10-20 years for the Large Hadron Collider to tell us the direction of particle physics. I will feel more lucky if the Large Hadron Collider can discover a new particle or a new dynamics at the terascale (1000 of the proton mass) and lead us to understand a new territory of fundamental physics. 

   Among many puzzles, which have not been incorporated or clarified in the standard model, dark matter is my favorite one because of its enormous pieces of evidence from astrophysics. The dark matter particle (if it is) or the reason of its stability may be unrelated to the electroweak symmetry breaking as
traditionally  believed. I am interested in all possible novel dark matter models with specific focuses on the cold dark matter candidates due to the "WIMP miracle". As trained as a model builder during my Ph.D. period, I have been thinking about new and well-defined discrete symmetries to make the dark matter candidate stable in a cosmological time scale, and novel ways of the dark matter interacting with the standard model particles. I have also investigated my efforts on implications of non-standard dark matter models on direct detection and indirect detection experiments. 

   The origin of mass is always a driving force for particle physics researches. The cutting-edge question in our field is trying to understand how quarks and leptons get their masses. A simple solution in the standard model is to introduce an elementary spin-zero boson to spontaneously break the electroweak symmetry and give masses to fermions via Yukawa couplings. A Higgs boson has been found in July, 2012 at both ATLAS and CMS from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The immediate question for us is to figure out its properties and to make sure that it is the "Higgs boson" predicted in the Standard Model. I am also interested in studying Higgs properties from collider techniques and theoretic speculations.

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