for eight years between 1997 and 2004, michael pope wrote, scored, directed, and shot neovoxer


hundreds of artists and musicians participated

neovoxer has been shown in boston, new york and the czech republic

it is performed with live musicians and is accompanied by art installations and body-painted models

neovoxer earned michael an award from the tanne foundation

* * *

"Pope’s opus, Neovoxer, a feature film that replaced dialogue with a live musical score and sound effects, is a spectacular, extrasensory juxtaposition of art forms that was born of a collaboration between himself and hundreds of musicians and artists."

-- The Boston Pheonix Best 2008

“Neovoxer is a contemporary spin on the early silent film experience, at once primeval and futuristic. More than just a ‘silent movie,’ it is a non-dialogue film with musical score performed live. A mythopoetic fantasy epic, the story revolves around three friends on a dangerous quest for the spiritual heart of the universe.”

-- The Tanne Foundation (2000)