The Old & The New (2009)

Bony Lil's Creation and Distraction (2007)

Live: In Paradise (2005)

Neovoxer (2004)

Palace Hotel (1992)

Sacred Nation (1990)

music videos

"Map of Tasmania" Amanda Palmer 2011

"Night Lies" Bang Camaro 2009

"A Madness to His Method" Gene Dante 2009

The Who Killed Amanda Palmer video series 2008

Produced by BriAnna Olson. The series includes an intro, finale with credits, and bridges between these videos:

"Guitar Hero" Amanda Palmer 2008

"Strength Through Music" Amanda Palmer 2008

"The Point of It All" Amanda Palmer 2008

"Runs in the Family" Amanda Palmer 2008

"Ampersand" Amanda Palmer 2008

"Astronaut" Amanda Palmer 2008

"Night Reconnaissance" The Dresden Dolls 2008

"C Star" Gene Dante 2008

"Second Cousin" The Steamy Bohemians 2007

"Learn to Live With What You Are" Ben Folds 2006

""Backstabber: The Dresden Dolls vs. Panic! at the Disco" The Dresden Dolls 2006

"Backstabber" The Dresden Dolls 2006

"Sing" The Dresden Dolls 2006

"I Want You Now" Fluttr Effect 2004

"Coin-Operated Boy" The Dresden Dolls 2004

"Girl Anachronism" The Dresden Dolls 2003