michael pope

Michael Pope is an independent filmmaker and artist known for beautiful, haunting pictures.

Michael's work ranges broadly.  He has created soft and contemplative digital reinterpretations of the old masters for Soho Galleries.  He has filmed tight and frantic music videos for the Berlin-inspired Dresden Dolls.  He has shot the Keatonesque silent comedy of Bony Lil in black and white.  He has directed mainstream rock videos for Ben Folds and Bang Camaro, and produced a romantic New Year's Eve piece for the Boston Pops.  And he has written, filmed, scored and performed the lush, colorful, multimedia and experimental mythic-creation tale Neovoxer.  He has performed a well received one-person show, "Michael Pope is Gay for Pay."

Formerly a resident artist at Boston's cutting-edge Cloud Club, he has worked with Amanda Palmer, the Dresden Dolls, Bony Lil, Bri Olson, Gene Dante, Barnaby Whitfield, the Steamy Bohemians and many other outsider artists.  He has traveled and performed in Iran and the Czech Republic.  He lives and works in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.