Popcorn Time UK

Watch free movies and TV Series

For people who don't know Popcorn Time it's an application for your mobile phone (android,iphone,) ipad or Windows or mac desktop computer.
You can watch free movies on the app. Popcorn Time uses torrent networks that makes it possible to stream all new movies and even movies that are still in the theaters. With the ability to stream almost all top movies Popcorn Time leave their competition far behind! 
In a really short matter of time Popcorn Time has been able to make it in alot of different countries all over the world! 
Alot of Popcorn Time Sites are being chased by copyright companies who wanna bring it down. 
But the users of Popcorn Time said that they were going to continue as long as we consumers can think off.

So if u wanna download Popcorn Time, u can do that on the site:  http://popcorntime-download.co.uk 
If u like Popcorn Time then spread the word so it becomes even bigger so that we all can watch free movies without any inconvenience.

Cheers and have fun!