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Popcorn Time and its clones are free and easy to use applications for watching movies and TV shows in high quality. The variety is huge - much better than what you find on Netflix, HBO, etc. - and you can watch all the latest releases of the classics, almost everything is here.

Please note that the use of Popcorn Time and similar applications may be illegal, depending on the country where you live. The content is almost exclusively copyrighted material that is shared without the rightful owners permission and downloading and sharing it is most likely a violation of copyright. If you still decide to use the applications described here, you do so at your own risk.

How Does Popcorn Time works?

At the core of Popcorn Time will find the bittorrent protocol that allows users to share files over the internet. This is also called P2P file sharing, which is short for peer-to-peer. 
The BitTorrent protocol was invented in 2001 and has become the most widely used method for file transfer.

Before Popcorn Time and similar applications, users want to videobestanden through the protocol had to download a bittorrent downloader install and then go to sites like The Pirate Bay to search for and download torrent files that can then be accessed by the downloader. The torrent file does not contain the desired video file, but only tells what the downloader to download to share with other users.

Finding download the appropriate torrent file can find an art in itself, because it is very common to different sources for the same movie or episode. Experienced torrent downloaders know what to look to successfully download the video file in the desired quality at high download speeds. For the inexperienced user it is a hit or miss approach where one can easily download anything in terrible quality and wait ages for the download to finish.

Only fully downloaded can play the file on a computer or TV using an appropriate media player. The process is even more complicated if the viewer wants subtitles because they must be manually downloaded from subtitle websites.

The BitTorrent protocol is brilliant and once you get the hang of the process is fairly simple, but it is always rather cumbersome, and therefore mainly used by people who would otherwise experience with computers and was IT. Many are simply thrown off by the somewhat complicated process that has prevented torrent downloads of really reaching the masses.