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The museum is located in Europe,  north-east of Romania  in Neamț departement,  at 12 km. from Tg. Neamţ city, in Târpești village.   (47°09'02.0"N 26°26'18.5"E)

TÂRPEȘTI village  /  about

The documentary testimony of Târpesti is dated much later compared to the other villages surroundings, but the roots of the settlement are much older (4-3 millennium BC - Neolithic cultures).

People say that the first name of the village was Bodăieşti. It included 30-40 households in the area known today as "Ţarna Mare" in "Bodai’'s ravine". In the late 16th century, a group of people from Ardeal, led by Târpea, brought their sheep and settled in the area. Later on, the three sons of Târpea each settled in a different part of the village constituting thus a community that was going to bear the name of Târpeşti. The first documentary testimony appeared in 1586, April 17, when the ruler Peter the Limp appointed Pavel the chief of Târpeşti.