Here’s what some of our Terrific Teens are doing these days:

· Annalise and Gabby Morrone are life guards and contributed to the achievement of the 5-Star Award presented to Addison Family Aquatic Center by Starfish Aquatics Institute.

· Alex Kamide made it to the championship for basketball at the Park District.

· The following helped make Easter Breakfast a delicious event:  Jenna Wislek, Sabrina Piekarski, Alex Kamide, Jenna D’Antonio, Sara Hernandez, Holly Bos, Tiffany Marhut, Kris Kusnierz, Annalise Morrone and Mickey Vasicek.  Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

· Jessica Muntner will compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference April 23-26 in Nashville, Tennessee.  DECA is a competitive club that prepares future leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in several fields.


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  Here’s how you order: 

1) Fill out a form located in the Welcome Center; or download a form at the link below. 
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3) You will receive your gift cards the following Sunday. 

Any questions, call or email Lisa Morrone

POP Easter 2013