Our Pastor


    I am Pastor JT Miller -- Pastor JT is fine and preferred.  Thank you for taking time to visit our website.  I hope you will visit our congregation as well.  We look forward to meeting you as we worship and serve God together.

    Here is a little bit of my background.  I have been ordained in the ELCA since 2000. I graduated from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, LSTC.  Prior to seminary, I was a technical support person for a major pharmacy retailer.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, IIT, in Chicago, and graduated from Streamwood High School before that.  I have served congregations in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Illinois.

    Here is the more important info.  I have been married to my lovely bride, Christine since 1998.  Christine is a management professional at a local hospital.  We have a dog named O.D. (literally, Our Dog), who is a border collie-beagle mix that we adopted from a Humane Society shelter in Pennsylvania.  I enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, golf and most outdoor activities.

    In ministry, I try to remind folks that God is not far away, but closer than you think, and that He is "crazy in love with you" and wants you to experience His perfect love and absolute forgiveness so that you can be in relationship with Him now and forever. 

    Please do come and celebrate all that God has done for all of His children, especially you.

In Christian Love,

    Pastor J.T. Miller

 My Mission Statement


I  serve


אלהינו   ואדני האלהים      יהוה


the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,


by bringing his message to people I encounter

in a clear, faithful, humorous, attainable, inclusive,

human, real-world way,


and through the Holy Spirit,

welcome people to enter into

friendship and a

life-long relationship with

God through