Harvard–MIT Program of Health Sciences and Technology

·  Instructor and course co-director for HST 192: Medical Decision Analysis and Probabilistic Medical Inference (Winter 2018, 2019, 2020)

§  MD-PhD students

§  Course topics: decision trees, cost effectiveness analysis, Markov modeling, microsimulation, utility theory, Markov decision processes

Industrial and Operations Eng. Department, University of Michigan

·  Primary instructor for IOE 202: Operations Modeling (Winter 2015)

§  Undergraduate students

§  Course topics: probability, inventory management, linear programming, integer programming, network flow, sensitivity analysis, simulation, queueing theory



 Industrial Eng. Department, University of Tehran

·  Teaching Assistant (TA) for the following undergraduate courses (2007-2009)

§  Project Management (3 semesters)

§  Engineering Economics (2 semesters)

§  Motion and Time Study (course and lab, 1 semester)