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Business #:  706-567-8423 

A "small-batch" bakery specializing in SCRATCH MADE pastries, dessert cakes and custom designed event cakes for weddings, showers, birthdays and all occasions.

Bridal/Event consultations are by appointment only; Advanced booking and Deposit required for custom orders.



Update from Poor Girls' Pastries and Cakes.......2/1/2016
Thank you for the numerous emails and warm wishes that all of you sent when I had to close the bakery due to a sudden illness.  It has taken almost 2 years to reach a point to where I feel as though I have recovered enough to resume getting my hands sticky again.  Of course, my passion is wedding cakes and there are several booked for 2016 but I do still have openings. For the remainder of 2016, I will have to limit to one (1) wedding cake/event per weekend so advanced booking/deposit is suggested.

Through the years, many of you have seen me covered in splatters of colored icing and cake batter.....waving away dust clouds of powdered sugar and brushing sprinkles off my nose, all for the sake of creating something special for each of you.  I truly appreciate everyone's trust and support in allowing me creative license with your designs. Together, we have dreamed up some of the craziest sculpted dragons, cutie pa-tootie kids cakes, and even a lighted, chandelier style cake suspended from the ceiling beam.  

I will be adding more pictures of my work as well as additional products that I am able to provide. 
Thank you for looking at my site.
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