The Site Rules

Whenever I get the site up... these are the rules.
Rules may be added without warning.

1. No underage content. (This doesn't include plushies.) You must be an adult to post any videos or photos of yourself.
Any and all illegal content will be reported.

NOT a rule. Stuffed toys can be any age, as they aren't real children.
So for instance, if you want to post photos or videos of Cub Simba, or even Bart Simpson, that is allowed. Bart is a fictional character, not real.
What you can not post is any real photos or videos of real children.

2. No out of site copyrighted material allowed. If you do post something from outside the site, it must exclusively belong to the owner posting such material.
Any and all material must belong to the uploader. You also take full responsibility for any content you upload. If it is illegal, than you will also be banned.
3. ALL Material posted must have an appropriate description as to what the content is. And or tags.
Such as (Scat, pee, urine.) and or (Vomit) if that is your thing.

Hardly a number(s) for the following, but they are part of the rules.

Considering the content, you'd need to make it like Inkbunny, FetLife and other sites, where you absolutely need to be an adult to sign on. That prevents a whole lot of legal headaches before they can happen.  As adult users, that main other requirement would be that that only post legal content. That means no photos of kids doing their plushies, no photos of members doing doing it with real animals, no photos of murder/snuff, no photos of illegal drug use, etc. Basically, it would mean no one posts anything that could bring the police to someone's door!

All forms of plush sex, scat, pee, cum, vomit, menstrual fluids, dirt, tar, food, are legal, so none of that sort of stuff would bring cops to someone's door if the pictures were seen. That's as long as all human participants in the photos are adult. The same applies to fursuit pictures.  Even though I don't personally like some things, like vomit, or people burning their plushies or fursuits, to get off, they are all legal things for adults to do.  This assumes it is with one's own property of course. You can't go around pissing on other people's plushies and fursuits, unless they are okay with it too.  So, if someone says they are stealing plushies to mess on and posting the pictures, they are treading on dangerous territory. Steal from the wrong person, and cops could come knocking!

Keep the kids away, and keep kids out of any photos, and the law is probably going to be happy.

People can assume that most pictures on a site named PooPeePlushie will have poo and/or pee in them.  If they are uncomfortable with either of those, it probably wouldn't be a good site for them to join.  They will surely run into both, over and over, even if stuff is labeled.  Look at PooPeeLife as an example.  If you only like pee, you will still end up seeing lots of poo, despite the labeling. If that's a problem  for someone, they might as well not join.

Labeling everything is nice, but I'd only actually require it for the unexpected stuff.
I'd require anything not in the poo or pee areas to be tagged for sure.  Stuff like vomit, destruction, periods, food and even clean plushies, aren't what many would expect on a site named PooPeeAnything, so you should at least label that stuff. Cum is sort of an automatic exception on any adult sexual site. It's typically the end product of a climax, regardless of the fetish that got them there. Requiring to label all instances of cum on an adult site would be rather pointless. It never hurts if they do, but, I just can't imagine someone posting a plushie plastered in poo, and someone becoming upset only because they spotted some unlabeled cum mixed in with the poo!

I guess a "no fetish shaming" rule would be a good idea.

For proof of age, do what x-tube does.  They require you to be 18 or over. They trust that you are, but they also make you check on the "Title 18 USC 2257 Statement" when you sign up.  That says you must be able to provide proof of the ages of all participants in anything you upload, if asked.  X-tube itself normally doesn't ask, but if they get a subpoena for info on your age, they simply say that you checked the agreement. The police would go straight to your house in that case.  If you lied, x-tube isn't responsible.  Sometimes x-tube will ask, if the stuff you upload looks like it might be underage. They'll freeze your account and ask for some proof in that case.  It simply means that the site legally passed the responsibility on to the user. They make you click the agreement, and they honor all subpoenas for information. If you fail to offer proof when asked, they remove your account. You can do exactly the same.  You only need to ask if you suspect something, or are ordered to by law.  I'd ask for proof if people came forward on the site and accused someone of being underage.

4. Do NOT perpetrate some other person as you, that is an instant ban.
5. Complaints about the messy material which is encouraged on this site will NOT be tolerated. If you do not like the material, than get off this site.
6. Please do not come here for no other purpose than to destroy a plushie. It is strongly discouraged.
7. If you can not treat others nice as you would like to be treated, do not say anything at all.
8. Drama is discouraged, even if you believe a person is trying to start, treat my members nice.

What is allowed.
Nearly any kind of messy play you can think of with a plushie.
Scat, Pee, Vomit, Mud. What ever you are into.