Think Positive

Improving your outlook onlife

     We all have those days where we say to ourselves “Why, me? What have I done?” These are our bad days; they make us angry, sad or sometimes just irritated. We look around and compare ourselves to others, and we see that some people are handling their day better than you would have. I have some tips for you as to how to make your day a little better and maybe even grow some as a person. It is now time to change your negative thinking to positive thinking.

     Positive thinking is undeniably an active process.  Our natural tendency is to fall back to self blame or negative thoughts towards others. For this reason it may be helpful to carry a log book to see how well (or poorly) you are doing. I recommend tallying the number of times you have good thoughts and the number of times you have bad thoughts. It’s ok to think these bad thoughts; we just need to train them.

      I believe that the best thing to do is to implement these changes one at a time, this way it is easier to keep up with it. And remember you don’t have to do all of these things if you don’t want to, just pick and choose what you know you can do!

Things to try

1. Smile

2. Positive thought patterns

3. Please and thank you

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