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So the purpose of this site, like many others, is to give out information that you want and are looking for. If you've come here, it's been by recommendation or because it has something that you are looking for. 

 Hopefully, you will take away the information here and make more conscience decisions about your life, health or habits. 

If there is something you are having trouble finding information on, or wanting to know if it works, I'd be more than happy to research it at the very least, if it interests me I will try it.

Also thank you very much for the feedback thus far, it's been wonderfully constructive and I will get to work on the points brought up very soon. The biggest change you will see is that all articles written will be on one page, not separated.  I'm not the greatest at HTML but I will try to write something that will direct you to each section when you click on it.

Also, I'm working o n a new artical on relationships, the focus of this is knowing how and when to end it. Sorry it's taking so long, its just that it is the holiday time and other things are occupying me. 


This site is still just a baby so keep checking back periodically for more and hopefully increasingly beneficial material.  


All Html issues have been fixed thus far! Thanks for being patient.

Also a new short article has been posted.  Feel free to leave feed back please!

Oh the street performers link is an "invisible" web counter someone said they didn't like the box form, so I used this. Don't worry, I don't add cookies or anything all it keeps track of are the number of visitors and where they are directed here from (direct, google, yahoo etc etc). 

Also if you are interested in submitting an article please feel free to tell me. I have one person who wanted to write about transcendental meditation. I will read it and post it with your name and date submitted.

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