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Original factory direct Pool Bar. Made in America. 
Free of nonsense, frills and gimmicks. 

Buy Now and start enjoying that vacation feeling in your own backyard. 

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The PoolBar is the ultimate wet bar.

ThePoolBar arrives in a compact carry box, mostly pre-assembled. 
Comes complete with all mounting hardware, and will accepts all common patio or beach umbrellas. 
It is manufactured from U.V. stabilized, chemically resistant, high impact thermoplastic and stainless steel. 
The Santoprene pad will not harm your pool liner. Seats and table fold up, in a stowaway position.

PoolBar illustrations use a 5 foot blue/white beach umbrella for product in environment visualization. The umbrella is not part of the PooBlar set.

Complete technical info at www.thepoolbar.com 

Go ahead treat yourself!

Warranty 1 Year.
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