PEA (KELLY) POOL - (rotation game) - This game is described in the BCA  The Official Rules and Records Book .
Why is it listed here if it's already in the BCA Rule Book?  Because the book says it entails "a bit of luck" in the pea each player receives.
The Rule Book says:
TYPE OF GAME: Pea (or Kelly) Pool is an old favorite among pocket billiard players who enjoy a group game in which the competitors play individually, and which entails a bit of luck (not so much in the actual play but rather in the pea or pill each player receives during each game).
Does the game have to entail a bit of luck for a single pea number?  How about opponents receiving 2 pea numbers, giving a choice of which pea?
We pass out 2 peas to each player, giving them a choice of which pea number to keep private. (2 peas are not mentioned in the BCA Rule Book)
The non-private pea numbers are then placed face down on the table. The peas are revealed after all players peas are set on the table. The ascending numbers on each pea determines the playing order for each game. Only by chance do you follow the same player in any new game.
We play the option mentioned under SCORING: ...and get paid by each competitor when pocketing his secret ball, and paid double by all for pocketing your own ball. All balls are contacted in rotational order. To keep the secret numbers private, all illegal balls spot up without question.

When a player fails to contact the lowest ball, the incoming player plays the CB from where it lies.. or ..he can take CB in hand behind the head string.

Players are not eliminated during the game. The game only ends when a player pockets his own private ball, or there are no secret balls remaining.

Years ago, because it was known as a high stakes gambling game, Kelly Pool had been outlawed by some cities in both the USA and in Canada.

Kelly Pool from Wikipedia....

Pocketing your own private ball when it's "the last one alive"..... 
The Rule Book also says: "A set of fifteen number peas (or "pills") and a shake bottle are also used". 
All shake bottles I've seen contain 16 numbered peas. So why are there 16 peas in the shake bottle?
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