pool - Cl + plants + fish = pond

See what happened when a native plant enthusiast decided to put some fish in the backyard pool ...


Before - the pool

After - the pond








Snake and spider bites


When Stewart decided to landscape the backyard pool and add a few fish the local wildlife moved in.

Five species of frogs, water dragons, a heath monitor, neon dragonflies, ducklings, skinks, snakes, tadpoles, kingfishers,  snails, kookaburras, goannas, spiders, waterbugs, blue tongued lizards, tawny frog mouths, hawks and many more creatures visit our micro-wetland in the burbs.

We hope you will be inspired to welcome a little wildlife into to your backyard. 

Please take a quick look. 


Our pride and joy - an Eastern snake-necked turtle moved into our pond over summer in 2007. see reptiles page

All of the images on this site are taken in our backyard in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. 

Our home backs onto a reserve that adjoins a national park.



Some pool owners must be wondering what they can do with their backyard pool.  Water restrictions will get tougher making pools harder to maintain, maybe the kids have left home, the pool needs work or the idea of a micro-wetland in the backyard just sounds nice ....

  A chorus of frogs, resident water dragons .... 

 ... daily visits from many birds and amazing dragonflies.

 We hope you can take a quick dip.