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More Songs Available                                  9/16/08

    Even though this is technically the "obsolete" site, I haven't really set up a new music page (I need to get around to that) so this is the one right now.  I've written and recorded three more songs since... Wow.  January.  Wow.  I've been writing and recording music a lot lately and I've got three more in the works (partially recorded), six more that are partially completed (lyrics and/or music written but not recorded) and three more that I plan to do but have done nothing about yet.  I've uploaded the three new songs, though and they are available for listening on the Emissions Test page.  Check them out, please!

Music Pages Up To Date And Working            2/13/08

    So even though I started up all of my music pages, I never got around to writing anything on them.  I'm changing that today, and I'll post links to all the music I've uploaded, and I'll also write about each album.  Enjoy (please)!

First Music Available For Listening               1/19/08

    So on Thursday, I finished the first song for my Horrible Quality Recordings And Other Garbage album.  It's called RPG (because it sounds like it would fit perfectly in an old-school Role Playing Game like Final Fantasy III), and you can listen to it on my Horrible Quality Recordings And Other Garbage page.

Music Page Started                                     1/12/08

     Today I published the poojalooba_cow Music page.  This is the page where I will post the music I'm working on composing and recording.  the image you see at the top is the artwork for my "album" titled "Horrible Quality Recordings And Other Garbage"  In the artwork you see a representation of me (the cow, obviously) playing all my various musical instruments into the "Horrible Quality Recorder" or, the standard computer microphone on the right.  The artwork is bright and colorful to draw your attention away from the fact that the music is mediocre at best.  Now, I'd like to think that the previous statement isn't true, but I have to leave that up to the listeners.  I'll be publishing demos of songs to this site, but once I have around fourteen songs I'll upload the entire album all at once and create an iTunes Podcast where you can subscribe to my musics and instantly get new additions.  I currently have three songs in the works and ideas for two more, so I might be done in about two months.  Until then, I'll keep this site updated with news and demo recordings and commentary.  Please return again soon!