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posted Jan 20, 2013, 4:33 PM by Wesley Moore   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 4:33 PM ]

from 8-29-2012

Raven hair, ruby lips
sparks fly from her fingertips

...uh, never mind. that was last night.

This morning: Scudding gray clouds, misty foggy air, and, in the timeless words of Mr. Spicoli, tasty waves. Unfortunately, the humidity was higher than the temperature so it was not "brisk" We had Reynaud the fox at nests 58 and 64. one egg lost in the first and 2 in the second. It appeared the eggs were not far enough along. In both cases, the nests were screened and the stakes were pulled in closer to the clutch making it easier on those who have to inventory them. We also had a new nest (October again before we are through). It was a green turtle at 835 Ponte Vedra Boulevard and green tape was used to stake it out (cause that's all we have left). Moreover, we had a false crawl at the Sawgrass club and pavilion. It was the same green turtle who nested later at 835 PVB as mentioned earlier. Due to my uncanny deductive talents, I was able to discern this by the crawl tracks. Left flipper was distinctive.

Regarding the false crawl, the lady crawled upon the beach and literally ran into the wooden rental kiosk. So in addition to the distinctive left flipper track, we seem to have a lady turtle who needs ophthalmic attention and possibly a visit to an ENT to take a look at her proboscis.


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Weather prediction is for heavy rain and strong thunderstorms this afternoon and evening LightningStorm cloud. Since the ATV blue tarp is shredded from previous storms, I am replacing it this morning with a new one. Also I will add a couple of additional tie-downs. Much to my surprise (Sarcastic smile) I noticed we are down to only one pen - a much-used old one from last year so I got a dozen new ones. Finally, the beach was merely fabuloso this morning...but then isn't  it always?Island with palm treeSun

keep your powder dry,   
dave   TurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtleTurtle

Dave's post 5-29

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Report from 5-29-2012

There were five nests that underwent disturbances or damages in the form of uprooted stakes and/or stretched-out or missing tape: 4, 7, 9, 10 and 11. All nests but #7 were restored to proper condition and I will enlist Laura's help Thursday morning when I ride with her to fix #7. The dune stakes will have to be used since the damage to that nest was the uprooting of two lateral stakes and that is easier with two people to measure and mark. 

The only new action was a false crawl at 541 PVB. The beach was fine and I did not see any significant disturbances. The only weather occurrence was a brief light rain. I filled the ATV with gasoline but forgot to replace the False Crawl stake I used. Thanks to whoever got us the new stakes. I notice they are now coming in sets of 4.

There were an array of people walking and running and playing and I fielded the usual questions, such as "was the beach damaged". I always think, "the beach doesn't get damaged". The beach is a dynamic living almost organic entity that ebbs and flows with time and planetary fluctuations. It's existence and many of the plants and animals that make it a beach began long before humans came around and will continue long after our expiration. And when I look out at the Mother Ocean that builds it and rearranges it and nurtures it's life forms, I am always amazed at the many secrets it keeps. The bio-luminescent creatures near the bottom, in the frigid depths far beneath the ocean surface. At the ridges where new crust is born lies a landscape more alien than earthly. Her children include strange long-necked barnacles, giant clams, and bizarre worms, their blood-red gills fanned out of bodies like bone-white tubes, clump beside towering spires of mineral. Nearby, sooty black clouds billow out from fissures in the seafloor, and organisms swim by, glowing with their own, otherworldly light. And the whole thing - beach, ocean, storms - is all just part of one huge system: Our beautiful blue planet Earth.

Doesn't take much to launch me...


9-30-11 From Dave

posted Sep 30, 2011, 5:01 AM by Wesley Moore   [ updated Sep 30, 2011, 5:02 AM ]

Nothing to report this morning. Just a beautiful morning on a beautiful Florida beach. Saw a few spiffy folks that have become friends over the summer, which, by the way, is going by too fast.

It is now after 7:00 AM before the sun comes up and the morning ride is approached somewhat more casually. A lot of the mystery and excitement has waned for this year. We no longer anticipate fresh tracks going from the water’s edge into the sugary sand. Stakes are rarely needed on these days and we have made sure there was screening available for weeks now. The tides seem to be higher and the escarpment has taken a beating from Irene. We have watched it all - the changing beach, the changing dress, the changing people. The bikinis and the Speedos are long gone, the kids are back in school, the folks from Queens and North Jersey are back home, imperceptibly beginning to drop into a lower gear for winter. 

The locals are winding down also. Nadine’s dog has an allergy. Mrs. Landrum and Garnet are rarely seen anymore. Carolyn, from Chicago, and her doodle finally moved across the ditch into Jax after a great introduction to Florida. And the NPVB turtle patrol are, I suspect, beginning to feel, like me, a little wistful.

As the autumn comes, the trees will change color, lose their leaves, and the weather will get cooler. As we look up and see another winter heading our way, it is the best time to take full notice of what happened to us and to our turtles this summer. We can open ourselves up to the lessons the summer taught us and put it all into perspective. It’s time to savor the memories, to wonder what happened to that little turtle from nest 45 with the gimpy right front flipper, to ponder nest 30 and what strange fate may have befallen it, to wonder if we can keep our camaraderie alive until next year. Of course we can!

It is said that autumn is the time of year when depression is more likely to beset us. This may be due to not fully relishing the summer fun we all had. If we can find the joy, we can anticipate another season of beaches and turtles and fun. I say, “bring it”.

Dave's Weekly Highlight

posted Sep 11, 2011, 6:28 AM by Wesley Moore   [ updated Sep 27, 2011, 3:41 PM ]

I am scheduled to do my first ride Tuesday with Ed. However. I would be happy to do Monday with Ed and again Tuesday with Ed. My ambition is to continue doing this for a long time (years) and I want to be good at it. So I will leave it up to you...Both days are OK or either day is OK. Lemme know...Turtle

P.S.: Me and Laura are already being called turtleheads so we might as well live up to our emerging image...

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