Please enjoy our beautiful beach but leave it clean of holes, chairs, tents etc.. at night.  
Our area of responsibility is from the Duval county line south to Sawgrass Beach Club.   If you have something to report in this area call 
  • (904) 631-3848
  •  outside of that area to Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) at 1-888-404-3922

Turtle Season is from May 1st to Nov. 1st

Please adopt one of our nests or make a donation to "Experience nature"  The link is below.   We need your support.  An ATV costs $4000 and is paid for from your donations.   A UTV is over $8000.
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If you want to check out how Jacksonville Beach Turtle Patrol is doing click here:
Please offer your donation to help us purchase a new ATV.  We are a 501C3 organization. 
Turtle Basics:
  • Turn off or shield all beachfront lighting after 9 pm. Click here for approved wildlife lighting solutions. Why this is important.
  • Use window coverings to block indoor lights that face the beach.
  • Do not use flashlights on the beach.
  • Do not leave toys, chairs or other items on the beach that can entrap or impede nesting turtles or hatchlings.
  • Fill in all holes and ruts in the sand.
  • Report potential nesting hazards (lighting, obstructions, etc.).
  • If you see a nesting turtle, stay at least 25 yards behind her at all times.
  • If hatchlings are present, do not touch them or interfere with their progress to the ocean. Immediately report any problems to PVSTP at (904) 631-3848.
With more turtles close to shore there may also be more stranded turtles washing up on the beach. If you find a stranded sea turtle:
  • Report it immediately to PVSTP at (904) 631-3848 or to Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) at 1-888-404-3922.
  • Do not touch the turtle unless instructed to by a certified PVSTP volunteer or FWC employee.
  • Become familiar with FL Statutes regarding appropriate behavior around hatchlings, nests and nesting turtles. Any contact is prohibited by lawunless directed to by certified personnel.

Dave's eloquent commentary for the week

  • Untitled Post from 8-29-2012 Raven hair, ruby lips sparks fly from her fingertips ...uh, never mind. that was last night. This morning: Scudding gray clouds, misty foggy air, and, in the timeless words of Mr. Spicoli, tasty waves. Unfortunately, the humidity was higher than the temperature so it was not "brisk" We had Reynaud the fox at nests 58 and 64. one egg lost in the first and 2 in the second. It appeared the eggs were not far enough along. In both cases, the nests were screened and the stakes were pulled in closer to the clutch making it easier on those who have to inventory them. We also had a new nest (October again before we are through ...
    Posted Jan 20, 2013, 4:33 PM by Wesley Moore
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