Although PONLHeritage doesn't have its own retail outlet, we like to think that visitors to this site will be interested in the following:

DVD cover

Ship DVDs - OCL, P&OCL and P&ONL container vessels

Vol 1The early days of containerisation (Produced 2010)
Vol 2The Far East voyages (2011)

Ship DVDs - P&O Days

These DVDs have been produced by Captain Joe Welch using video clips and still photographs that he accumulated during his time at sea.  Please click on the links above to read a review of each DVD and find out how to order your copy.

Captain Welch is very generously donating all profits from the sale of these DVDs to the Missions to Seafarers charity.

OCL book

OCL Book

This book, edited by former company director Alan Bott, chronicles the British Container Revolution, 1965-1985.   It describes the genesis of the transformation from conventional to container shipping undertaken by the founders of Overseas Containers Limited - P&O, Ocean Transport & Trading, Furness Withy and British & Commonwealth.

Update (Christmas 2018): Unfortunately SCARA no longer hold any copies of this book for sale. but if you search the web (Amazon, eBay, etc.) then it is possible that you might find a copy to buy.