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SCARA 14th Annual Reunion Lunch report

posted 4 Dec 2019, 04:16 by Mike Chapman
Thursday 7 November 2019   

This was our 14th annual reunion with attendance up on last year and a significant number of people attending for the first time including 3 new SCARA members, Graeme Clarke, John Harpur and Mark Howell.  Thank you to all those who took time out of their busy schedules to come along. 

And even if you were not able to attend, we hope that you will enjoy viewing the photos and perhaps recognise a few familiar faces.  

We were very pleased to welcome David Cross as our guest speaker who gave us a carefully chosen selection of anecdotes to entertain us during the lunch.

It was also lovely to see our two Vice Presidents Lady St Johnston and Bob Bowen, together with the Barking Mafia, present at the event.  And one member, Gordon Wright visiting from Australia, took time out to meet up with some old friends from the UK.

The full list of attendees is given below.  Sadly, due to either being unwell, having medical appointments or unexpected travel difficulties the 8 individuals with (*) next to their name did not manage to get to the event.  In particular we were hoping to congratulate Pat Boyle and Christine on their very recent marriage but a nasty virus unfortunately kept them from the event but I’m sure we would all like to send them our very best wishes.

John Adams 
Andy Allan
Clive Allan
Raymond  Andrews
Mary Anthony
Stephen Barraclough 

Mark Barrett
James Baxter
Terry Bethell
Dennis Black
Capt Stephen Bligh
Tony Blumer OBE
Mike Board
Tom Boardley
Robert Bowen
Pat Boyle *
Christine Boyle *
Jens Peder Braendeholm
Marilyn Braendeholm
Roger Brown
Wendy Carr
Rosemarie Cast
Sue Cessford *
Stanley Chalk
Joan Chapman
Mike Chapman
David  Charlesworth
Alison Charlesworth
Guy Cheeseman

Nigel Chew
Capt Bryan Chipperfield *
Graeme Clarke
Alan Collier
Malcolm Coomer
Tony Coughlin
David Cross
Jane Cross
Julie Curran
Gwynedd Davies
Peter Davies
Sandra Davy
Simon Dyer
Chris Evans *
Sue Evans
Phil Farrow
Eddie Filus 
Pam Garofalo *
Margaret Foley
Douglas Gates
Jane Gooch
Bob Gooch
Eleanor Grady
Ian Grant 
Priscilla Green *
Alistair Grote
Ann Guirey
John Hallahan
John Harpur
Alan Harries
Adam Hedges
Mick Helsby
Martin Hindley
Jackie Honour

Mark Howell
Mal Hurdidge
Sandra Isaacson
Brian Jeffery
Sharon Jeffery
Agnes King
Martin Lloyd
John Loftin
Peter Low
Ian Malcolm
Adrian Malupa
Philip Marks
Carol Marquis
Tony Mason
Belinda McCormack
Erica Merrifield-Harris
Michiel Messchaert
Clifford Miller
Todd Moore
Les Morris
Stewart Moult
Alan Newell
Sylvia Norton

Joe O’Brien
Tina Osborne
Capt Ken Owen
Frank Palmer
Debbie Paxton
Barbara Pease
Christine Phillippo
Mark Poulter
Zoeb Raniwala
Vicky Revill-Whelan
John Richardson
Debbie Risbridger
Daphne Roberts
John Roberts
Colin Rumble
Graham Russell
Fiona Ruxton
Trevor Ruxton
Dick Scott-Kerr
Lindy Seymour
Michael Seymour
Geoff Sharman 
Hazel Sharman
Stefan Sheriden
Mike Shoesmith

Stanley Smulders
Robert Steptoe
Lady St Johnston
David Sutton
Denise Tarrant
Ian Thomson
Adrian Tucker 
Edward van Dorp
John Ward
Capt Joe Welch
Jean Wheeler
Nigel Wilks
Barry Williams *
David Wilson
Richard Winch
Robert Woods CBE
Gordon Wright