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PCB36-TU1 Teensy

The Teensy USB 2.0 is a marvelous marvelous machine. It is an Arduino-compatible HID-capable (human interface device) microcontroller that fits on a pongstak™ board: 
  • Order from BatchPCB
  • Left/right tilt switch (optional)
  • Left/right LEDs (optional)
  • USB mini-B input/output and power
  • Assembly: "through-the-hole" soldering 

Teensy Pong Sample Application

Here's one example of a PCB36-TU1 application. This is Teensy Pong, which is a multi-mode super-bright LED with a tilt-switch. It's built around a Teensy 2.0 operating in HID mode and I use it to launch arbitrary, timed programs on my computer with a single pong-click. Sure beats waiting for Windows. My friends joke about using it for their MMORPGs. At work, people run when I say, "Would you like to see my new USB light?"

Assembly Instructions

  1. Solder optional non-Teensy components  to the PCB36-TU1 board. Make sure pins are correctly aligned!
  2. Solder male pin headers to the PCB36-TU1 holes for the Teensy board. You only need pin headers in the holes with solder pads--the other holes aren't connected.
  3. Invert the Teensy board so that the USB connector is on the bottom, touching the top of the PCB36-TU1 board. Solder to pin headers. You now have a Teensy Pong.
Although PCB36-TU1 can be used by connecting to a USB power source, you will probably want to convert it for portable use with onboard poly-lithium batteries:
  1. Use a sharp knife to cut the Teensy 5V trace (see Option #1). This will make Teensy draw its power from the backplane 5V. NOTE: you can always reverse the cut by using a jumper between 5V and VIN on the bottom of the PCB36-TU1 board, but if you do this, remember to disconnect the jumper before connecting to a battery backplane.
  2. Solder a red wire from the Teensy 5V pad to the VIN hole on the bottom of the PCB36-TU1 board. This will route the Teensy USB external power to the backplane VIN that is used to charge the battery, etc.
  3. A more elegant solution is Option #3, but that's an idea for another day and another board.